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News | March 18, 2022

Bellwood elk pass annual inspection with flying colors

By Leon Moore, Public Affairs Specialist DLA Aviation Public Affairs Office

The elk roaming freely within designated pastures on Defense Supply Center Richmond, Virginia, were given a clean bill of health by the Commonwealth of Virginia during their annual inspection March 16.

Regional Wildlife Biologist David Garst with the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources came to the installation and conducted an inspection of the eight males and 16 females.

Jimmy Parrish, the chief of the Defense Logistics Agency Installation Management Richmond’s Environmental Management Division said the inspection is necessary for the installation to maintain its exhibit wild animal’s permit.

The inspection ensures the elk are in good shape, well cared for and the pastures and equipment used to care for them are well maintained.

Will Crump, an environmental protection specialist who helps oversee and care for the elk, said that the Environmental Management Division is faced with the ongoing challenge of matching the elk to their distinctive ear tag numbers. He said that’s because the elk, especially the females, tend to rub/pull these tags off, making it tougher to identify the age and sex of the animal.