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News | Oct. 24, 2022

Third quarter employees of the quarter

By DLA Energy Public Affairs

Defense Logistics Agency Energy is proud to announce the third quarter, fiscal year 2022 military, civilian and strategic goals employees of the quarter. 

These members went on to compete in the DLA-wide third quarter Military and Employee Recognition Program. 

Field Grade Officer Category:

Navy Cmdr. Joshua Fischer, DLA Energy Europe and Africa. As the Director of Supplier Operations, he supported 59 Defense Fuel Support Point’s in the U.S. European Command region where the fuel requirements are the highest demand levels seen in over 30 years. He and his team managed the acquisition and assignment of a second dedicated tanker to support the increased demand, a 40% increase in on hand inventory, and a 33% increase in fuel sales over the last two quarters.

Company Grade Officer Category:

Air Force Capt. Akeem Parks, DLA Energy Middle East. For an entire month, during a 66% workforce shortage, Parks served dual roles as Acting Chief of Customer Operations and Petroleum Operations Officer. He guided a diverse team of 14 joint military and civilians in three geographical locations and facilitated seven successful proof of principle contracts totaling 155,000 gallons of diesel and jet fuel valued at $687,000.

Parks also won Company Grade Officer Category across the DLA enterprise.

Category B Civilian (GS/WG/WL 7-12): 

Walter Hegan, DLA Energy Europe and Africa. Hegan is an operations management specialist who led the joint Operations Center for DLA Energy Europe and Africa during Ukraine crisis coordinating delivery of 5.4 million gallons of fuel to support critical theatre operations. He also developed fuel concepts of support for six major exercises in Europe and Africa. 

Hegan also won Category B across the DLA enterprise.

Category C Civilian (GS13-15/WS):

Carly Dubernas, DLA Energy Supplier Operation Directorate. Dubernas is the contracting officer for the privatized Electric/Water and Natural Gas utility services contracts at Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida, which has seen a massive rebuilding since effort since Hurricane Michael in October 2018. During third quarter of fiscal 2022, her efforts culminated with the award of numerous rebuilding projects including new state-of-the-art Switching Stations and a 1-million-gallon water storage tank.

Dubernas also won Category C across the DLA enterprise.

DLA Director's Strategic Goals Award Category:

Individual Award:

Connie Braesch, DLA Energy Commander’s Action Group Public Affairs for support of people and culture. 

Team Award:

DLA Energy Europe & Africa, Supplier Operations Branch for fiscal stewardship and auditability. 

Navy Cmdr. Joshua Fischer, Lysia Valladares-Pena, Ryan Lee, Travis Streeter, Marlowe Grimsley, Chris Diaz, Bobby Singleton, Toka Trau-Massey, Jaime Guevara, Hauke Dins, Lucien Megel, Wolfgang Leis, Ece Karayel-Uzun, Manfred Hildmann, Gunther Von Dungen and Albertine Iloba.