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News | Oct. 27, 2022

Ceremony kicks off 2022 Combined Federal Campaign for McNamara Headquarters Complex

By Christine Born DLA Public Affairs

A kickoff ceremony officially started the 2022 McNamara Headquarters Complex Combined Federal Campaign season Oct. 26 in the HQC Auditorium.

The CFC theme for this year is “Be the Face of Change.” With over $8.6 billion pledged to 8,000 charities since its inception in 1961, CFC is one of the largest and most successful charitable campaigns in the world.

Defense Logistics Agency Director Vice Adm. Michelle Skubic hosted the event. Co-hosts were Michael Kuliasha, director of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency’s Nuclear Technologies Research and Development Directorate; Michael Beaupre, the Defense Contract Audit Agency’s assistant director of human capital and resource management; and Christopher Thomas, Defense Technical Information Center administrator.

After acknowledging the guests, Skubic talked directly to the campaign managers and key workers.

“You are the boots on the ground that make this campaign season effective by providing people the opportunity to give of their heart and their time and their money such as they see fit,” she said.

President John F. Kennedy established the CFC in 1961, the same year DLA, then the Defense Supply Agency, was established. Skubic noted the two organizations have literally grown up together.

“Americans are a generous people. The act of giving is a hallmark of our society and our nation. Whether your donation goes to help your local community or a worldwide cause, you are creating positive, meaningful change for others,” Skubic said.

Curtis Rumbaugh, team leader for CFC in the National Capital Area, has oversight over the area campaigns and trains, recruits and leads Defense Department employees assigned to CFC’s Loaned Executive Program.

“Military and civilian employees in DoD account for more than 40% of all CFC giving in the federal government with approximately $30 million given annually,” Rumbaugh said.

Rumbaugh quoted a statement he recently heard to illustrate how everyone can contribute to CFC.

“The only people we should strive to get even with in our lives are those who have helped us – parents, teachers, mentors – those who formed you into the person you are today,” he said. “You can honor those people by giving back any way you can. Make an investment in a cause you care about to give back and get even with those individuals.”

Joseph Feuer, senior foundations officer for Action Against Hunger, represented one of the thousands of charities in the campaign. He said his organization has helped over 25 million people in 51 countries and is committed to ending world hunger.

The senior leaders of each organization presented CFC pledge goals to their campaign managers.

For DLA, Kendria Evans accepted a $300,000 goal from Skubic. David Mistalski of DTRA accepted a $155,000 goal; Kimberly Cook, DCAA, $33,000; and Joseph Poxleitner, DTIC, $23,000.

Skubic said of all the categories of charities listed in CFC, one hopefully will inspire each person. Each contribution helps create hope and possibility for the people in our communities, our nation and throughout the world, she added.

“Let’s do some good together. Contributing is private and secure. I encourage you to follow your heart and give where it matters most to you,” Skubic said.