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News | Aug. 31, 2015

DSCC preparing to ready the workforce through awareness

By Michael Molinaro

During National Preparedness Month, several activities involving the workforce are scheduled to be conducted at Defense Supply Center Columbus. 

Sponsored by the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Ready Campaign and Citizen Corps, National Preparedness Month is a month-long federally recognized awareness campaign occurring every September to improve the preparedness of our nation.

Each of the activities is conducted to increase associates’ level of awareness of basic preparedness and security concerns with their family, at work and in their communities. 

"National Preparedness Month reminds us all to make a plan and stay informed, not just for a month, but every day," Navy Rear Adm. John King, Land and Maritime Commander, said. "DSCC Security and Emergency Services provide a framework for all installation personnel and their families to be prepared, and stay prepared, for any potential hazard throughout the year, something leadership takes very seriously.  We need all associates to remain vigilant and stay safe as we rely on their hard work for the continued phenomenal support to our war fighters."

To kick off a month of preparedness on Sept. 1, DSCC Security and Emergency Services (S&ES) will provide briefings open to anyone working on the installation.  Topics include: Preparing a Home Emergency Action Plan (EAP), the DSCC Installation EAP to include Shelter In Place (SIP) procedures, and How to Respond to an Active Shooter / Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and (High Yield) Explosive (CBRNE) incident. Three briefings will be held throughout the day at the main auditorium in  Building 20, giving ample opportunity for all associates to attend one of the briefings.

The following day on Sept. 2, the installation will host two Parent Preparedness Information meetings. DSCC Police will distribute a brochure to parents at the Children Development Center. The brochure will provide information on preparing a family plan in the event of an emergency. 

On Sept. 9, an installation-wide exercise will be conducted that includes all personnel working on the DSCC installation.  The exercise includes an Active Shooter and a Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosives (CBRNE) event.  The exercise is designed to enhance the training and readiness of DSCC security forces to respond to real-world threats to the installation and its tenant commands.

“Security and Emergency Services want to ensure that all associates know how to respond to current threats,” Lee Ericson, S&Es, said. “That's why we are promoting Emergency Action Plan activation and Shelter-In-Place procedures in response to an Active Shooter and CBRNE scenario during the 9 Sept. installation wide incident response exercise.”

 The next week the installation will hold its annual See Something/Say Something Day! On Sept. 16 Role players will be used throughout the day acting suspicious. Associates will be asked to use the DLA iWatch system to give notice and description of suspicious vehicles and/or persons prepositioned around the installation.   

To close out the month, DSCC will hold a Response Expo on Sept. 23. DSCC Fire HAZ MAT Team, DSCC Police Department, Columbus Bomb Squad, DSCC Emergency Manager and a CBRNE emergency response unitwill all be on display in the area behind Bldg. 21 (DFAS).  The display is to show the support/protection provided to associates during an emergency at DSCC.  All personnel working on the Installation are invited.

Emergency preparedness and response helps the nation prepare for, mitigate the risk of, respond to and recover from major domestic disasters, both natural and manmade, including incidents of terrorism.

The point of contact for National Preparedness Month at DSCC is Jayce Ashwill, the Installation Emergency Manager.