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News | July 6, 2015

Korea’s O awarded Global Distribution Excellence: Administrative Support Performance of the Year

By Brianne M. Bender DLA Distribution Public Affairs

Hyon Yong O, a process improvement specialist at Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Korea has been awarded the DLA Distribution Global Distribution Excellence Administrative Support Performance of the Year award.

With two top leadership positions in the transportation branch vacant, O volunteered to step in to provide leadership and guidance until the positions could be permanently filled.  In addition to her regular duties and projects, she took on the added challenge of supervising the largest and busiest branch at DLA Distribution Korea from August to November 2014.

In that short time, O brought training to 100 percent completion, achieved zero quality control findings, improved ALOC processing from 82 percent in August to 96 percent by October and decreased average cross-dock hours from a high of 43 to an average of 28. Her leadership not only filled a critical vacancy, but she greatly improved support to the worldwide customer base by improving efficiency and performance.

“Ms. O’s dedication, performance, innovation and leadership were absolutely stellar throughout the year,” said DLA Distribution Korea commander Army Lt. Col. Mark Wolf.

O accepted the challenge of serving as the lead audit readiness coordinator for DLA Distribution Korea in addition to her regular duties. She established a local share drive containing all reference materials, ensuring all updates and changes were posted immediately. This single reference source saved a tremendous amount of time for branch managers and first line supervisors.

Additionally, O established weekly trainings to assist supervisors and to track training progress. She frequently provided individual coaching to team leads. She also helped establish their training programs, record keeping and quality control checks.

“Simply put, Ms. O was the major driving force behind our rapid and successful implementation of audit readiness,” stated Wolf.