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News | Aug. 20, 2015

Distribution headquarters’ Monroe named Employee of the Quarter

By Emily Tsambiras DLA Distribution Public Affairs

Joelle Monroe, DLA Distribution headquarters, has been named Employee of the Quarter for the third quarter of fiscal year 2015.   Monroe currently serves as deputy chief within DLA Distribution’s Current Operations Compliance and Audit Sustainment Division.  She was selected for her performance and innovative improvement in support of DLA’s audit sustainability efforts. 

Her most noteworthy contributions in support of this effort include her management of DLA Distribution’s Audit Readiness Program oversight, which has resulted in DLA’s on-time assertion of audit readiness.  She consistently applied her in-depth supply knowledge to create a first-ever set of comprehensive, DLA-wide audit management reports that are currently used by the agency to monitor DLA’s audit preparedness and sustainability in key business cycles, to include the most important cycle to DLA Distribution– Plan to Stock. 

According to her supervisor, Monroe created corrective action plans that eliminated audit impediments with direct, hands-on leadership during the third quarter FY15 Department of Defense Inspector General pre-audits of primary distribution sites.  “Ms. Monroe’s results have directly contributed to a more effective, efficient and less costly standardized distribution process,” said Denise Parker, chief, Compliance and Audit Sustainment Division.

Her work to spearhead DLA’s ‘positive confirmation’ initiative led to a quick and decisive solution for the issue of how to prove “rights” for DLA to hold materiel currently in military service ownership and received into Distribution custody.  Monroe coordinated audit sustainment efforts across DLA Distribution’s network to generate a comprehensive Plan of Action and Milestones that was lauded by DLA Headquarters as the “perfect solution.”

The POAM resolves ownership for mismatches between DLA’s accountable records and with each military service’s inventory records.  During that process, Monroe also mentored distribution site personnel, offering helpful tips on how each site can best prepare for audit.  Her work directly benefitted DLA, as well as the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps’ efforts to achieve financial audit readiness. 

“Daily, Ms. Monroe epitomizes dedication, diligence, determination, excellence, unrivaled performance and the highest level of professionalism,” said Parker.  “She is consistently recognized for her relentless dedication to duty, superior skills and knowledge and for her efforts to maintain extraordinary high standards while achieving smarter ways of doing business.”