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News | Aug. 21, 2015

DLA Distribution Yokosuka, Japan’s, Surge Team awarded Team of the Quarter

By Jessica Roman DLA Distribution Public Affairs

Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Yokosuka, Japan’s, Surge Team has been awarded the Team of the Quarter award for third quarter, fiscal year 2015, for their outstanding strides managing the air, sea, and truck cargo deliveries throughout mainland Japan during a surge of inbound containers.

The team scheduled, unloaded, and processed more than 550 seavan containers and more than 1,200 trucks, amounting to more than 67,600 transshipments.

After the fleet returned to their home port, the team manifested and delivered close to 19,000 line items, consisting of more than 3,000 pallets, which is over 75 percent of their workload for this fiscal year.  Household goods, which were originally excluded from the Theater Consolidation and Shipping Point scope, were reevaluated for their handling as general cargo, and were subsequently included.  Working with the Air Mobility Command and the 35th Logistics Readiness Squadron, the team expeditiously handled the cargo – more than 40 trucks, and more than 20 seavans.

Through dedication, hard work, and focus, the team loaded, booked, and shipped more than 200 containers containing more than 4,800 line items to eleven different countries in the Central and Pacific commands, as well as to the Continental United States.  Additionally, more than 600 trucks were loaded and manifested, containing more than 22,000 line items destined for Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Air Force facilities in mainland Japan.  Processing included hazardous material certification for shipping, as well as export and import documentation for multiple countries.

“The Surge Team’s outstanding contributions and efforts ensured vital mission sustainment material was successfully delivered to more than 10 installations, servicing dozens of customers throughout mainland Japan,” said Navy Cmdr. Brian Johnson, the distribution center’s commander.  “This great teamwork and surge flexibility of the entire team increased confidence and solidarity for everyone involved and showed the command, customers, and each individual that the team will endure.”