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News | Sept. 23, 2015

DLA Distribution’s DSS Systems Access Team wins Team of the Quarter award

By DLA Distribution Public Affairs DLA Distribution Public Affairs

Defense Logistics Agency Headquarters DSS Systems Access Team has been awarded the DLA Distribution Team of the Quarter award for third quarter, fiscal year 2015, for their efforts in training and revalidating all DLA Distribution employees that require access to the Distribution Standard System.

DSS is the warehouse management system used across the DLA Distribution enterprise to control and account for material that is receipted, stored, and issued by DLA.  The team includes Matthew Arnold, Mikie Minto, Francis O’Brien, Mary Pearl, and Darryl Roberts. 

“Despite the many changes and challenges the team faced with stringent system access and cybersecurity procedures, they trained every distribution center on the new DSS Account Management and Provisioning System roles,” said Christian Lubic, Systems Branch.   Upon training completion, the users submitted for new roles via AMPS, and the DSS Systems Access Team validated every user, a critical step for Audit Readiness.

The team was responsible for implementing a role-based access control system for DSS.  They created eight primary user roles for each distribution center, providing the sites the ability to better utilize staff and move employees to where the workload is, while maintaining system integrity and segregation of duties controls.

There are 26 secondary roles, providing additional accesses that are available.  These roles were created to restrict certain types of transactions.  “Creating this role-based architecture was the first step to realizing the goal of a role-based system,” said Lubic.  The team built the roles to ensure that segregation of duties is maintained between jobs.  The team also worked with auditors to have the construct tested and deemed audit ready.

In addition to the role-based access control system, the team created a manual and collectively trained all 24 Distribution sites, including collocated DLA Aviation sites, supply centers, and headquarters employees, through a combination of on-the-job training, on-site training, and Defense Connect Online training.  The team successfully conducted 76 training sessions, instructing a total of 888 employees. 

In the team’s role as data owner for all primary roles within DSS, there have been more than 10,200 AMPS System Authorization Access Requests processed through the data owner step since revalidation has started. 

“This new process in gaining DSS access has eliminated the use of additional forms and has become a more user friendly tool for all involved in the access process,” said Lubic.  “Elimination of the forms enhances the process, making it less time consuming for employees and their supervisors to fill-in forms, sign them and email.  It is a true efficiency gain for the users requesting access across all of DLA Distribution.”