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News | Feb. 22, 2016

Dealing effectively with pressure: DLA initiates resiliency training through LMS

By DLA Distribution Public Affairs DLA Distribution Public Affairs

The Defense Logistics Agency defines resiliency as dealing effectively with pressure, ambiguous and emerging conditions, and multiple tasks; remains optimistic and persistent, even under adversity or uncertainty. Simplified, resiliency is the ability to function really well in the face of adversity.

To help us better understand resilience and help our teammates cope with the challenges of life, "Bouncing Back with Perseverance and Resilience, part of Workforce Resiliency SkillSoft Deployment for Supervisors” has been added to the Learning Management System for all supervisors and managers. Supervisors are required to complete the training by Feb. 29.

The DLA Distribution mission is straightforward: provide effective and efficient global solutions to warfighters and our other valued customers.  By putting the warfighters first, we make promises and keep them. Resiliency helps with that goal.

The DLA vision is to deliver the right solution on time, every time.  “Our ability to anticipate and overcome logistical obstacles is credited in part to our agency’s resiliency,” said Twila Gonzales, SES, DLA Distribution deputy commander.  “Our workforce is our greatest asset and we support them as they face professional and personal challenges so that we are all more resilient.”