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News | March 17, 2016

FY2016 DLA Distribution Training Coordinators On-Site Academy

By Tanya Johnson DLA Distribution Public Affairs

DLA Distribution’s Organizational Management Division together with the Material Logistics Training Division and Forward Presence Training Team presented a unique opportunity for 32 training coordinators from a majority of the 24 distribution centers to come together for an on-site academy which commenced on March 8 for three days. 

“DLA Distribution is committed to the training and development of the DLA Distribution workforce and this 2-day workshop directly supports the DLA Director’s, Lt Gen Busch’s strategic goal of People and Culture,”  said Mr. Edward Visker, Organizational Development in his opening remarks.  “All of you, as training coordinators, are a great asset for DLA Distribution and over the next couple days we hope to arm you with the tools, information and resources you need to effectively support the development of our managers, supervisors, and employees in order to ensure the DLA Distribution is prepared to handle the challenges of the future.” 

Tim Scannell of the forward presence training team facilitated a session on training coordinator roles.  Scannell provided an overview of training responsibilities for both training coordinators and Distribution’s training Forward presence.  The session also included an opportunity to discuss distribution center challenges and video teleconference guidelines. 

Deron Haught, chief of Distribution and Materiel Logistics Training Division, discussed the services provided to Distribution from his division.  He explained that, similar to forward presence training, the role of his staff is to secure an effective training partnership with the 24 distribution centers.   

The afternoon of day one was dedicated to providing the training coordinators with a live demonstration of the Learning Management System (LMS) with emphasis on a myriad of recurring actions utilized by LMS administrative users.  Jessica Bradshaw and David Brown, DLA Human Resources, DLA Training discussed LMS, Individual Development Plans, and the Enterprise Leadership Development Program expectations, challenges, and changes.  Concluding day one, Danielle Oehm, management and program analyst, organizational management, facilitated breakout sessions on Deployable Automated Cargo Measurement System records management training and onboarding.

Day two covered DLA Distribution’s training guidelines, external courses versus DLA Forward Presence offerings, Enterprise Newcomers Getting a Global Entrance, Army Logistics University, tuition assistance, mentoring, and packing HAZMAT training.  The final day of training was dedicated to professional development, as Napoleon Walker of DLA Training facilitated leadership training.

“This on-site was an opportunity to fine tune collaborative processes while discussing various site challenges and solutions,” said Gina Brown, supervisory management analyst, Organizational Management.  “Distribution relies heavily on our Forward Presence and Training partners and this academy was an excellent opportunity for our training coordinators, who work directly with our mission employees, to get a glimpse of future endeavors, issues, and resources in an effort to enhance the mission at DLA Distribution.”