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News | May 19, 2016

DLA Police Officer’s real-life skills benefit safety, support charity

By Lana Baumgartner DLA Land and Maritime

If you’re a fan of reality-themed television shows then you might want to tune in and watch the warrior serving on your Defense Supply Center Columbus’ security staff.

DLA Installation Support Columbus Police Officer Kevin Schaefer recently participated in a military-themed episode of Steve Austin's Broken Skull Challenge at the Broken Skull Ranch. During the challenge elite athletes compete in head to head battles until one is left standing. That man or woman earns a chance to win $10,000 by defeating the Skull buster, Austin’s personal obstacle course.

Drawing on his Air Force training which included tours in Iraq and Afghanistan to help him prepare Schaefer competed against seven other military veterans, (one Army, four Marine Corps, and two Navy) during three preliminary events. 

At 6 feet tall and 200 pounds, Schaefer won the preliminary competitions. His victory ensured advancement to Day 2 of the Skull Buster.

"This was the best day in my life, it felt good to send those guys home," Schaefer said at the end of the day’s competition.

Competing in Day 2 of the Skull Buster Challenge included a 1/2 mile course requiring the competitors to navigate 10 obstacles, making it the toughest obstacle course in the United States. With obstacle names like Backbreaker, Heartbreak Hill and Deep Freeze, completing all 10 events tested each participant to their limits as they endured both the rain and temperatures often reaching 102 degrees.

Although Schaefer didn’t win the Day 2 Skull Buster Challenge he demonstrated tenacity and strength during the competition while proudly representing the U.S. Air Force and the DLA Installation Support Columbus Police Officers. His efforts benefitted the USO with a $10,000 donation earned from his first round victory. 

"You have to be ready and train hard for this type of competition; it wasn't easy but I did my best!” Schaefer said.

Editor’s note: Watch Schaefer's episode on here.