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News | June 9, 2016

New maintenance response vehicle helps disabled GOVs get back on the road

By DLA Aviation Public Affairs

Defense Logistics Agency Installation Support at Richmond’s Customer Support Division has developed and built a new General Services Administration maintenance response vehicle, known in short as a MRV, to respond to disabled government vehicles on Defense Supply Center Richmond, Virginia.

“Since GSA vehicles are only maintained off of the installation, when they have a flat tire or dead battery, it typically requires calling a fleet service contractor or towing company to come on the installation and get the vehicle road-worthy so that it can be driven to a service shop off-post,” said Matt Maddux, chief of Customer Support, DLA Installation Support at Richmond. “These services typically cost between $100 and $300 and can even cost more if the vehicle must be towed.

The MRV is not only cost effective, but also more efficient because it is capable of resolving minor GOV issues that, in the past, would require service coordination with contractors or other private tow companies.   

The MRV is equipped with a battery jumper and an air compressor to handle dead batteries and flat tires and can be dispatched to a disabled government vehicle on post in a fraction of the time, for no cost, and without bringing non-government personnel onto the installation.

In addition, the 4-wheel drive MRV is off road capable.  Even dead GOV batteries, in the winter with a foot of snow on the ground, can be taken care of in minutes instead of hours.

Maddux pointed out that the MRV is only for GSA-leased vehicles, which don’t include scooters or golf carts. Use of the MRV is also not authorized to assist with employee’s personal vehicles. 

Employees who have a disabled personal vehicle on post should call their preferred road service company. The DLA Police on DSCR cannot perform maintenance or repair functions on vehicles.  Police may attempt to jump a dead battery or unlock a vehicle; however, if they are unable, it is the owner’s responsibility to service or get assistance from a road service company for their personal vehicles. 

“The creation of the MRV is just another example of the Customer Support Division making efficiencies, saving tax payer dollars and providing better and faster support to our customers and the Defense Supply Center Richmond,” Maddux said