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News | June 14, 2016

DLA kids come to work with parents at Ogden, Utah

By DLA Aviation Public Affairs DLA Aviation Public Affairs

The Customer Operations Directorate of the Defense Logistics Agency Aviation at Ogden, Utah conducted a “Bring Your Child to Work Day” June 9, in the Hill Aerospace Museum on Hill Air Force Base.   Forty-three children (ages 2 – 15) of DLA Aviation employees attended the event and enjoyed a day learning what their parents do to support our nation’s warfighters.

The event was coordinated by Culture Crew members, consisting of employees from DLA Aviation at Ogden: Mary Konrady, business process analyst; Katie Whisler, management assistant; Scott Wilson, security specialist; Kelly Scott, manpower specialist; Richard Armstrong, supply specialist; Casey Rivera, commodities flight supervisor; and Francine Waite, lead customer support specialist.

Rivera served as the master of ceremony and opened the event with a welcome and giving the children three rules of engagement: have fun; don’t run; and have more fun. 

After the children received the rules, Lockert gave them a DLA employee orientation. It was an overview of the day’s sequence of events, which told the children about what their parents do each day and the importance of their common access cards, Waite said.

After their orientation, Patrick Havens, Safety and Occupational Health specialist, a.k.a. “Mr. Safety,” gave the children a safety briefing and Scott Wilson, security specialist, gave them a security briefing, just as though the children were actually being hired to begin work for DLA, Waite said.

“Following all the important rules, safety and security information, the parents and children stood and recited the Pledge of Allegiance, then the children collectively recited the mock ‘oath of office,’ after which they were sworn in as DLA Aviation at Ogden Junior Warbird Specialists,”  said Waite.

The activities began by dividing the children into groups by age. Then, Waite said, their group progressed through four workstations: Supportability, Shop Service Center, Emergency Buys and Communication.

The ideas behind these job roles were to emphasize the importance of everyone’s contribution to the success of the DLA mission, Wait said.  “Each workstation brought its own challenges for the children to resolve.”

 The first stop was the Supportability Station where they received and reviewed the bill of material and initiated steps to resolve parts shortages.  The Shop Service Center was designed as a “hands on” approach enabling the children to physically “pick” parts needed for their airplane assembly. 

Next, the children made their way to the Emergency Buy Station, where the focus was to “call’ the vendors for quotes, talk to quality specialist and eventually resolve parts issues. 

Finally, they reached the Communication Station where various ways someone could communicate the urgent need for a part were demonstrated.  Lockert told the children the mechanic would sign the Department of Defense Form 1348 (Receipt) and then return to the Shop Service Center with the signed 1348 and get their “passport” stamped by a DLA supervisor before moving on the next station.

“We also accommodated children under 4-years-old who were in a separate group and were entertained by coloring, puzzles and games, as well as assembling their own styrofoam airplane together,” Waite said.  She added everyone enjoyed the activities.  After all the children went through the four job roles, they were given a break and enjoyed a drink and snack.

After activities were finished, Lockert gave closing remarks. Afterwards, the children were given certificates for being DLA Aviation Ogden Junior Warbird Specialists, gifst bag and had their picture taken with Lockert. They were also presented with a Junior Warbird Superior Performer Award, in recognition of their valuable contributions for the day, Waite said.

“The children seemed to have had a great day, putting together a styrofoam plane and making calls to ensure the right parts were procured.  The children, as children tend to do, were very direct and truthful during their participation at each station,” Waite said. 

“It was amazing to hear the children discuss their concerns about some of the very things that challenge their parents during their daily work,” Waite said. 

Theresa Mckinzie, supply specialist, was asked by one child “What if I don’t have any money when I call Ray’s Auto Parts from the Emergency Buy Center?” 

Confirmation of the event’s success can best be summed up by Waite’s 5-year-old granddaughter, Bailee Carson who said, “It was the best day of my life!”

Waite lauded the event as being a success because of the efforts of the Culture Crew and the entire DLA Aviation Ogden team coming together to make it happen.  “We want to thank all the volunteers and supporters who donated snacks, gift bags and helped with the event to make it a great day for the children,” Waite said.