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News | June 16, 2016

Aviation Process Excellence policy rolls out

By Amy T. Clement DLA Aviation Public Affairs Office

Defense Logistics Agency Aviation leaders gathered in the Lotts Conference Center June 14 as DLA Aviation Commander Air Force Brig. Gen. Allan Day signed the DLA Aviation Process Excellence, or APEx, policy officially making APEx the system of choice to be used throughout the organization for process management.

“DLA Aviation will continue to build a culture of process excellence throughout the workforce using APEx,” said Day. “The goal of APEx is simple - to enhance warfighter support by ensuring every member of our organization knows if they are having a good day.

“Having a good day starts with good processes where each person knows what is required to move the readiness needle each day. If our employees lack clarity on what tasks need to be done and when they need to be completed to remain on the readiness critical path, we could be wasting precious effort,” said the general. “Giving your best effort each day on the tasks that matter most is key to having a good day.”

“The next part of having a good day is measuring for performance against the plan. Did we get it all done? If not, why not?” Day asked. “These questions lead to highlighting constraints or gaps in our processes that inhibit maximum effort along the critical path. By leaders at all levels actively removing those constraints or filling the process gaps, we can have an even better day tomorrow,” he stated.

The new policy outlines the responsibilities at all organizational levels within DLA Aviation to execute and maintain APEx.  It also outlines procedures including a training plan; tiered communication to create a constraint removal battle rhythm at all organizational levels; performance management through data analysis and establishing new metrics, if needed, to better understand our business, measure performance and make business decisions; and performance management metrics that will ensure the transparency of goals and objectives for all employees at all levels throughout DLA Aviation.

“APEx is a long-term system of improving the way we do business,” Day said. “As we roll out and implement APEx, we will communicate with the workforce, and make sure our goals are continuously communicated. We will put tools in the hands of DLA Aviation employees, so we can continue to improve upon our processes, resulting in outstanding customer service to our warfighters and our country.”

DLA Aviation employees will learn more about APEx in the coming weeks and months through town halls, written communications, staff meetings and other channels.

“I welcome your feedback,” Day said.  “Let us know what works and ways we can improve our processes even further.”