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News | July 29, 2016

Corpus Christi’s Ramirez receives Global Distribution Excellence: Special Services Civilian of the Year award

By Missy Wright DLA Distribution Public Affairs


Bryan Ramirez, wood worker at Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Corpus Christi, Texas, has been awarded the Global Distribution Excellence: Special Services Civilian of the Year award for being a key member of the Preservation, Packaging, Packing and Marking Box Shop team.

Ramirez was a vital member of the Box Shop team that constructed nearly 54,500 board feet of wood packing materials in the building and/or refurbishment of wooden crates. The team saved approximately $62,000 in materials, utilizing an aggressive approach to re-utilize reusable wooden crates. Through excellent communication, they coordinated the return of over 1,000 reusable wooden crates with tenant commands, saving valuable government funds providing a substantial cost savings. 

Additionally, as part of the Box Shop team, he aided with cutting and constructing of nearly 3,000 new wooden crates, in support of special packaging instructions. Also, the Box Shop fabricated and custom built over 3,000 oversized fiberboard boxes utilized in PPP&M operations. The program was organized to reutilize fiberboard, bubble wrap, and other packaging supplies, with an estimated annual savings of $10,000. 

His strong technical expertise in the package field allowed Ramirez to receive zero discrepancies from Supply Discrepancy Reports in 2015. Vastly exceeding the Incoming Supply Discrepancy Report goal of 0.25 percent, his contributions lead to DLA Distribution Corpus Christi’s success with a rate of 0.05 percent for 2015.

According to commander, Lt. Col. Brian Richie, “Ramirez is an integral part of an overall packaging team that processed a total of more than 49,500 assets valued at nearly $1.5 billion. Further, a total of more than 18,000 maintenance items were de-packed for the customer with a value of over $604 million. “Ramirez provides exceptional support to his co-workers and other internal or external customers in support of the mission,” said Richie.

Ramirez initiated several process improvements and safety enhancements.  Most notably, he upgraded the spreader bar and sling program, as he worked together in a coordinated effort with a professional rigger.  This process resulted in providing expert technical advice on a proper sling support and specially designed slings to properly and safely lift a variety of aviation assets. His commitment made an immediate impact on the production and safety of the workforce. 

Ramirez received multiple recognitions in 2015 and was selected as the Preservation Packaging Packing and Marking Division employee of the quarter for 2nd quarter fiscal year 2015. He was part of a team in calendar year 2015 that was recognized for the expeditious relocation of stock assets to DLA Distribution Barstow, Calif., in preparation for the hurricane season. The team packed and shipped over 960 assets, valued at $186 million, and ensuring the safe storage of these assets also freed up over 75,000 cubic feet of valuable storage space for DLA Distribution Corpus Christi, Texas.

His attention to detail and safety first attitude ensured all lifts of aviation assets, whether by hoist, forklift, or manual, were completed safely and without incident.  

“Mr. Ramirez is an outstanding employee. He sets the standard for his co-workers to follow. His initiative and commitment to the strategic objectives of the depot were witnessed everyday by his supervisors and co-workers,” said Richie.