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News | Sept. 21, 2016

Agency welcomes seven new honorees into Hall of Fame

By John Bell

The Defense Logistics Agency inducted seven honorees into its Hall of Fame in a Sept. 20, 2016, ceremony at the McNamara Headquarters Complex, attended by current and former senior leaders from throughout the agency and the Office of the Secretary of Defense, as well as the families of the honorees.

Their induction honors their contributions to DLA through 2015, when each was nominated and then chosen by the selection committee.

The DLA Hall of Fame inductees for 2015 are:

  • Krissie Davis, a former property disposal specialist with DLA Disposition Services who was killed in the line of duty in Bagram, Afghanistan, in June 2015.
  • Celia Adolphi, the first civilian deputy director of the Defense Logistics Agency’s Joint Reserve Force and the first woman in the Army Reserve to attain the rank of major general. Adolphi implemented instructions and policies regarding reservists that continue to govern the directorate’s activities.
  • David Ennis, former deputy commander of DLA’s second largest distribution center, DLA Distribution San Joaquin, who has enjoyed notable success as a leader, mentor, friend, outstanding citizen and three-term Mayor of Escalon, California.
  • Kent "Rocky" Galbraith, director of the DLA Systems Design Center, who led the agency’s design, development and deployment of the Distribution Standard System, the warehousing and distribution system now used throughout DLA and the military services.
  • Paula Kluczynski, who as a human resources development specialist developed and managed DLA's New Supervisor Certificate Program, managing the program for more than eight years until her retirement in June 2012.
  • Retired Vice Adm. Alan Thompson, former DLA director, who helped streamline agency field activities under the “We are DLA” initiative and led the agency through years of declining budgets.
  • Paul Zebrowski, former DLA chief of Acquisitions Operations as well as director for the Clothing and Textiles supply chain at DLA Troop Support, who modernized C&T business practices, stabilized support for an entire supply chain and rebuilt the DLA Troop Support Clothing and Textiles industrial base.

Air Force Lt. Gen. Andy Busch, the director of DLA, noted that all seven honorees — whose service to DLA totals 184 years — demonstrate “lives very well lived in service to the nation.”

“One of the important reasons to have a Hall of Fame is to preserve our history,” Busch said, calling the achievements of those in the Hall of Fame “the foundation on which DLA is built today. ... Their character, commitment, dedication and devotion to duty is unparalleled.”

Busch honored the ultimate sacrifice of Krissie Davis, a property disposal specialist killed serving the nation on behalf of DLA in June 2015 in Afghanistan, for Operation Freedom’s Sentinel. “She was very proficient in her job dealing with receipt and disposition of hazardous waste — a task that many of you will recognize requires great attention to detail,” Busch said. Davis was on her second volunteer deployment as a member of the Civilian Expeditionary Workforce, he noted.

Retired Army Reserve Maj. Gen. Celia Adolphi served 34 years as a civilian DoD employee and 26 years in the Army Reserve. “Celia is a trailblazer in so many ways,” Busch said. “She provided outstanding leadership and developed policies and procedures that built the organization that I enjoy the benefits of,” he said. “She built those from the ground up. We have an effective, trained and deployable Joint Reserve Force because of the work that Celia did for us. Because of Celia’s service and guidance as a deputy to four different Joint Reserve Force commanders, we now have the benefit of a superb Joint Reserve Force, and it’s helping us every day.”

Busch recounted David Ennis’ leadership in steering DLA Distribution through Defense Management Decision 902, which merged the military services’ distribution depots into DLA. “He superbly navigated all the challenges associated with transferring those functions into the Defense Logistics Agency,” Busch said.  Ennis later served as the deputy commander of DLA distribution San Joaquin.  

Kent “Rocky” Galbraith in his 38 years with DLA led the design, development and deployment of the Distribution Standard System, which gave DLA a consistent computer system still in use today. “It was very innovative. It took a very long time to implement across a very large system,” Busch noted. “Ultimately, the DSS system has saved hundreds of millions of dollars. It is still turned to to by the military services even today as the gold standard for managing storage and distribution,” Busch said.

Paula Kluczynski was inducted posthumously after a battle with cancer, for her achievements in human resources. She helped develop “a highly innovative program to address competency gaps for our leaders,” the Enterprise Leader Development Program, Busch said. The resulting certificate program is “widely recognized and talked about” in the acquisition community, he noted.

Paul Zebrowski retired as the chief of acquisition operations after leading the Clothing and Textiles supply chain. “He is an outstanding manager of people, very interested in training and mentoring his team to achieve success through their own efforts," Busch said. “He had an influence on many of the young contracting officers in C&T who have gone on to be senior leaders. ... Under his leadership, the C&T staff “executed some of the first ever best-value acquisitions in DLA and implemented the use of multi-sourcing on long-term contracts.”

Retired Navy Vice Adm. Al Thompson served not only as commander of DLA Land and Maritime and DLA’s 16th director but also one of his own professional mentors, Busch said. “I’ve turned to him on a number of occasions for mentoring and teaching.”  Thompson was responsible for integrated service procurement and industrial support functions spawned by the Base Realignment and Closure Commission of 2005. In addition, he conceived and implemented the “We Are DLA” initiative, which standardized the names of the DLA locations around the world, providing clarity and unity for the workforce and DLA customers.

“I think we have an outstanding group of folks to induct this year,” Busch concluded.

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