News | June 14, 2017

DLA celebrates the Army’s 242nd birthday!

By Army Sgt. Saul Rosa DLA Aviation

Soldiers and Defense Logistics Agency Aviation employees celebrated the Army’s 242nd birthday a day early June 13, with a ceremony at Defense Supply Center Richmond, Virginia.

“America entered the Great War 100 years ago and built the foundation of the modern army that we serve in today,” said Sgt. Major of the Army Daniel A. Dailey, in an official statement. “The technological advances implemented in that war include the use of mechanized vehicles, machine guns, rapid fire artillery, aircrafts, as well as plastic surgery and blood transfusions: all of which we still use today.”  

DLA Aviation’s Army Col. Mark Hirschinger, Chief, Army Customer Facing Division, Customer Operations Directorate, was the guest speaker at the ceremony and reiterated the main focus of the Army’s 242nd birthday’s theme: WWI. He explained that all warfighters and DLA employees at DSCR are charged with upholding the legacy of innovation from WWI.

“Are we committed enough, is selfless service still alive,” asked Hischinger. “When faced with the greatest challenge of the nation how are we going to respond, not just those in uniform, but all of us. Will we rise to the occasion, will we perform as well as those who came before us?”

Hirschinger then told the stories of three WWI heroes; Sgt. Alvin York, Sgt. Henry Johnson and Julia Stimson. Each soldier faced different challenges of discrimination, religious criticism, racism and sexism, and overcame them to obtain the highest honors and recognition that soldiers can obtain, while making their own unique marks on history.

“Looking at combat now, it would not be possible, or successful, without DLA Aviation,” said Hirschinger. “I ask you, both in and out of uniform, please take this opportunity to examine your commitment. While everyone here may not have been in the trenches of war, your full commitment to service members and weapon systems will be a decisive factor for our success in battle and like the heroes we discussed, the true sources of heroism and commitment is home grown. It’s in you.”