News | July 10, 2018

Acquisition rotational program begins

By Irene Smith DLA Energy Public Affairs

A new rotational program is providing Defense Logistics Agency Energy employees with a career broadening view of contracting methods, processes and procedure from various business units.

The pilot program, sponsored by DLA Energy Supplier Operations, is open to all non-supervisory employees in grades GS 12 through GS 14 individuals in the contracting and the lifecycle logistics career fields.

“Employee development is an integral part of DLA Energy’s culture,” said DLA Acting Commander Guy Beougher. “Our goal is to help cultivate new skills and provide opportunities for professional development and personal growth to meet career objectives and DLA Energy’s current and future mission needs.”

Applicants must apply and be selected by a selection committee made up of directors and deputy directors of the participating directorates. Selected employees sign a training agreement that defines program goals, objectives and requirements.

The six-month rotational program will run twice a year, in April and October. DLA Energy Contract Specialists Maria Norfleet and Gladys Morales are the first participants in the rotation program that started in April.

“I applied for the DSO program because I felt that my experience was limited to only post-award and not enough pre-award experience to be a versatile contract specialist,” Norfleet said. “This is an excellent opportunity to broaden my contracting experience.”

Norfleet’s goal is to learn more about the entire contracting process and the different methods of buying supplies.

“I hope to learn the full scope of contracting from cradle to grave,” Norfleet said. “I came from (DLA Energy) Utility Privatization Services that only procured services. Upon completing the rotation, I will be able to see the other side of how tangible items are procured. This experience will provide a broader perspective and understanding of issues that affect our DLA Energy customers and prepare me to become a more qualified candidate for the next level in my career.”

As a 12-year veteran of DLA Energy Direct Delivery Fuel, Morales is learning new contracting skills in her assignment with the Direct Delivery Tech Team. She is working with vendors on short payment issues from legacy contracts and Enterprise Business Systems contracts.

“It is different, but this is a great experience,” Morales said. “I think it’s a great opportunity for me to understand the different facets of DLA Energy as an organization and how the work is accomplished in different business units.”

For contracting specialists, working in a different office can mean using a different skill set and new challenges.

“The program is designed to cultivate new skills and provide opportunities for professional development in the contracting and the lifecycle logistics career fields,” said DLA Energy Procurement Process Support Directorate Division Chief Ditu Kasuyi. “This includes supply planners, customer account and resolution specialists.”

Employee development is an integral part of DLA Energy’s culture and opportunities like rotational programs, courses and training opportunities found in the DLA Energy Career Management Portfolio offer opportunities for professional growth, he said.

“We want to expose participants to global DLA Energy operations, increase selection pool for potential leadership opportunities and introduce individuals to various leadership styles throughout the organization,” Kasuyi said.

Upon completion of the program, acquisition professionals will be able to receive up to 40 continuous learning points and have an opportunity to shadow the DLA Energy deputy commander.

“I am confident that this program will continue to enhance my understanding of contracting methods, and prepare me to mentor my colleagues to be exceptional DLA performers for the organization,” Morales said. 

Employees can learn more about this pilot rotational program and other opportunities outlined in the DLA Energy Career Management Portfolio in the eWorkplace (this link is Common Access Card-enabled).