News | July 31, 2018

Subsistence produce team chief named DLA Troop Support Supervisor of the Year

By Shaun Eagan DLA Troop Support Public Affairs

A Subsistence team chief received recognition as the Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support’s 2017 Supervisor of the Year for his leadership and performance.

Dave Jolls, the Produce and Market Fresh integrated supply team chief, credits his team, communication and his 24-year Navy career for his success.

“While I am delighted to be named Supervisor of the Year, with the way supervision works, it’s not mine alone,” Jolls said. “When you win an award like this, the team, division and directorate all win. It’s recognition of all the personnel with whom I work.”

Jolls’ efforts towards humanitarian support, innovation and teamwork earned him the nomination, Joseph Hauser, Produce and Market Fresh division chief, said.

Hauser wrote Jolls’ nomination, which recognized his role in fulfilling orders of fresh produce and bottled water for survivors of Hurricanes Maria, Irma and Harvey. The nomination also acknowledged his solicitation process improvement that led to a 50 percent decrease in administrative time.  

Jolls also assumed additional supervisory duties from a vacant position in the division to prevent any negative impact to the mission.

“He’s really shown an affinity for supervision and contracting supervision,” Hauser said. “He has great knowledge of the regulations and polices we need to live by, but also has a great personality and ability to deal with people.”

Jolls supervises 15 employees and manages fresh produce, bakery, dairy and beverage acquisitions for customers located in the Southeast and South Central regions of the United States.

Jolls described the past year as “accelerated disruption with defining moments of resolve” due to the hurricane relief support, mission tempo and personnel issues in the division. The leadership skills he learned in the Navy helped, he said, because developing relationships and valuing his people is what helped him lead his team effectively.

“You have to invest the time and get to know your people,” Jolls said. “Even when you don’t have it, you must find the time to know your employees. For me, it’s all about my investment into the employees because the mission can’t get done without them.”

Working in Subsistence, Jolls has found the same comradery he had with his fellow sailors in the Navy. He considers that cohesion a “lifesaver.”

“Going from comradery and serving as a member of a team in the Navy, and then leaving that behind when I retired, I became depressed,” Jolls explained. “But when I came here, life got better. This placed turned my life around as I built those relationships again.”

Hauser refers to him as “the total package” because of his supervisory and job performance.

“He puts his people above anything else and that’s reflective in the quality of the work they do, but also the work that he produces,” Hauser said.

Jolls believes a successful supervisor needs to follow three rules.

“Don’t ever forget where you came from, how you got there and who got you there,” Jolls said. “The moment you do, you lost any chance at leadership you had.”