DLA Troop Support’s Joint Reserve Force meets with commander at inaugural town hall event

By John Dwyer III DLA Troop Support Public Affairs


Reservists assigned to the Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support were recognized for their role in the Troop Support mission and provided insights on the fiscal 2019 Campaign Plan at the first Joint Reserve Force town hall event Oct. 13 in Philadelphia.

DLA Troop Support Commander Army Brig. Gen. Mark Simerly hosted the town hall to bring the reservists together to provide information normally shared at Troop Support town halls, but in a forum where he could directly engage the group. He also used the opportunity to recognize some of the service members.

“I appreciate you all carving out this time in your busy schedule,” Simerly said. “I’ve served with reserve component units before and I know that it’s tough to get much done in two days.”

Simerly acknowledged that reservists’ military schedules usually don’t support attending mid-week town hall meetings. He said that feedback from one of the JRF team members indicating desire for an “opportunity to hear from the command and … to have direct dialogue and collaboration” led to the JRF town hall.

The commander led with an overview of the JRF personnel assignments and their accomplishments, such as:

  • Performing 1,872 work days away from their civilian employers in support of the DLA mission.

  • Implementing three-day training assemblies to maximize efficiency while on duty.

  • Engaging in quarterly joint training assemblies to better coordinate and collaborate with other reservists assigned to Troop Support.

  • 11 mobilizations, including:

    • Task Force Power to San Juan, Puerto Rico and Jacksonville, Florida. in support of Hurricane Maria recovery

    • Hurricane Florence response and recovery

    • DLA real property task force assistance

    • Exercise support to enhance DOD readiness

Simerly then provided a breakdown of the 2019 Campaign Plan and an update on recent leadership changes within Troop Support. He highlighted the fact that the joint reserve component offers a diverse field of expertise tied to the plan and could be beneficial to projects such as joint training development, future technology research and hurricane “playbook” refinements.

“I welcome working with you all - tapping into your expertise and viewpoints – to find out how we can come up with stronger approaches that benefit our mission, and most importantly, the members of our team,” Simerly said.

The commander closed the meeting by presenting several awards and recognitions:

  • Navy Cmdr. Gregory Eaton – Defense Meritorious Service Medal and an Excellence in Leadership Award

  • Army Lt. Col. Thomas Wooden – Joint Service Achievement Medal

  • Army Lt. Col. Jonathan Ehrlich - Commander’s Coin for Excellence

  • Army Master Sgt. Kimberly Crosby - Commander’s Coin for Excellence

  • Army Master Sgt. Tiana Ross - Commander’s Coin for Excellence

  • Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Jason Bogle - Commander’s Coin for Excellence

  • Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Farrin Lyles - Commander’s Coin for Excellence

Joint Reserve Force team lead Army Col. James Gill looks forward to future meetings with the Troop Support command team.

“This type of event really lays the foundation for us to truly integrate into the bigger DLA Troop Support mission,” Gill said. “The things that [Simerly] covered with our guys will really set the stage for them to do greater things moving forward.”