News | Oct. 25, 2018

Commander speaks with county students about DLA careers

By Natalie Skelton DLA Aviation Public Affairs Office

Students from all 10 Chesterfield County, Virginia, high schools gathered together Oct. 22 at Chesterfield Career and Technical Center to hear Defense Logistics Agency Aviation Air Force Commander Brig. Gen. Linda Hurry tell them about DLA Aviation and share information about logistics career fields as well as the Pathways to Career Excellence (PaCE) and Pathways Internship programs currently available.


“I want to share a little about some of the great opportunities that support our national defense that are right next door to you and the great avenues that are available to you,” said Hurry. “The teamwork, how well we take care of each other and leadership opportunities are immeasurable.”


Hurry’s presentation drew approximately 112 attendees from the Business Management and Logistics Operations class; Barbering; Firefighting and Emergency Management Training; Homeland Security, Criminal Justice, Mechatronics; and Academy 360, a middle school alternative program. Hurry shared the mission and vision of DLA and DLA Aviation on behalf of the warfighter, explaining that world-class logistics support is only possible with a plan, the right people and the desire to improve. “DLA supports more than 2,200 weapons systems as the military’s primary source for more than 1.2 million repair parts and operating supply items,” she explained.


Among the teams working toward success at DLA are Industrial Plant Equipment Services and Mapping Customer Operations (MCO). IPES is an industrial plant equipment management facility and maintenance division dedicated to procuring, rebuilding, retrofitting and repairing metalworking machinery for the Department of Defense and other federal agencies. MCO provides a number of different map types to warfighters and other geospatial intelligence customers.


“We are always looking for talent,” she said.


According to the Virginia Gateway Region, DLA at Defense Supply Center Richmond is the fourth-largest employer, after Fort Lee, Dominion Resources and Amazon. Career fields available include acquisition, logistics and supply chain, quality assurance, engineering, program management, finance, information technology, police/security, firefighting, emergency management, food services and human resources.


DLA hires several summer interns from Virginia higher learning institutions. Interns are trained in a DLA career field such as acquisition, inventory management or quality assurance. These interns can continue to work on a part-time basis with DLA Aviation while they complete their degree. In addition, interns who meet eligibility requirements upon graduation may become full-time employees through the PaCE Program.


Students were invited to attend a field trip to DSCR in November to see first-hand, which jobs match their current training.