News | Oct. 26, 2018

Conference center fills to capacity for DLA Aviation commander’s Town Hall

By Cathy Hopkins DLA Aviation Public Affairs

Defense Supply Center Richmond, Virginia, employees filled the Frank B. Lotts Conference Center Oct. 23 during Defense Logistics Agency Aviation Commander Air Force Brig. Gen. Linda Hurry’s Town Hall.

The general started the Town Hall with employee recognitions.

Several teams were recognized for outstanding accomplishments at the enterprise and local levels to include the Office of the General Counsel Cage Hopping Team, DLA Aviation Supplier Operations Cables/Lighting Division Nuclear Team, Honeywell International Commerciality Determination Continues Process Improvement Team, Kitting Functionality and Business Process Rapid Improvement Event Team.

Individuals recognized for outstanding project team facilitation and superior use of Black Belt Lean Six-Sigma tools were Daryl Horne, a sourcing strategy specialist from the Planning Process Directorate; and Doug Wells, a supplier relationship manager from the Strategic Acquisition Programs Directorate.

Lastly, Shawnita Hamm, a contract specialist in the Supplier Operations Commodities Directorate, was recognized for her Employee Suggestion Program SAYIT Award submission recommending critical safety items processing become part of an automated workflow process.   

Following employee recognitions, David Gibson, site director, DLA Installation Operations Richmond provided facilities updates for multiple projects focusing on construction, environmental, security and emergency services, and safety and occupational health.

Gibson told employees the Community Center renovations are complete and the facility is ready for use.  He also reminded the audience that the Lotts Conference Center is closing Oct. 26 through Nov. 26 for floor repairs and carpet replacement.

“I couldn’t be more proud of the installation operations team,” he said as he outlined the numerous projects in progress.  He highlighted awards and re-certifications earned this year by the center’s police and fire departments, environmental team and child development center.

Hurry then invited Linwood Rogers, chief deputy counsel, DLA Counsel Richmond, to speak to employees about the prohibited and allowed activities governed by the Hatch Act during the upcoming political season. 

Rogers shared specific do’s and don’ts for government employees in the workplace and participating in political fundraising activities.  More guidance can be found on DLA’s website and on the Office of Special Counsel’s website.

Hurry wrapped up the Town Hall sharing Denison Climate/Culture Survey results for this past year, telling employees “what a great year our team had.”

“Thank you for participating in the survey and providing invaluable feedback. Overall, we did great and improved in literally every area, but the bubble is still not completely filled, so we still have some areas where we can improve,” she said referring to the Denison results wheel.

Hurry said we have more work to do and highlighted areas employees mentioned such as ensuring our workforce has the necessary skills for their respective jobs and implementing customer feedback. She also mentioned upcoming retirements and the need to grow leaders, saying DLA Aviation leadership needs to “build the collective bench” with programs like the DLA Aviation Mentoring Program.

Hurry then discussed fiscal 2018 performance, saying DLA Aviation’s workload will continue to rise based on increased aircraft procurement and spares funding in the National Defense Authorization Act, the increase in overall flying hours, combined with the Office of Secretary of Defense’s focus on aviation readiness within the military services.

“We are working to increase resources to address the added demand, but need your help and ideas on how to streamline processes, increase material availability to 90 percent and decrease back orders by 10 percent.  Let us know your ideas; I promise, we will listen!” she said.

Hurry shared three bullets outlining the DLA Headquarters’ strategic direction:  enhance integration and synchronization across the agency, reform and audit readiness through the lens of warfighter readiness and transform joint logistics operations to drive readiness. 

With the Secretary of Defense’s memorandum requiring the military services to achieve an 80 percent mission capable rate for multiple aviation weapon systems, our primary focus will be on transforming our logistics support and operations to enable the services to green-up some more jets, she said.

Hurry reminded employees they are empowered to make a difference and she needs their innovative thinking. “You will be seeing the hashtag #ITMATTERS around,” she said.  It signifies that everything you do on a daily basis matters to our warfighters and impacts service readiness. 

She closed the Town Hall by reminding employees about the importance of safety, professionalism, integrity and - as one big family - the importance of supporting our team.