News | Feb. 7, 2019

Get to know DSCC Environmental Division

DLA Land and Maritime Environmental Division

Environmental Division

Environmental Management System Infographic

Mission Statement

The Environmental Division acts as the principal advisor and assistant to the Site Director and Commander on developing and managing programs to assure environmental quality, and to protect the health of employees and others on DLA-managed facilities.


A clean, healthy, and well-protected environment that sustainably supports the mission. Natural resources are protected and managed to meet the needs of current and future associates and members of the surrounding communities. All DSCC associates understand the importance of a healthy environment and act to protect and restore it.


To ensure the Installation maintains compliance with all environmental regulations and sustainably manages natural resources. Through our USA Tree City program and partnership with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, we actively maintain and grow the DSCC urban forest. The Environmental Division has installed acres of pollinator habitat on the Installation grounds to help support dwindling populations within Ohio. Five active restoration sites are managed through the Environmental Division. DSCC works to meet sustainability goals; including solid waste diversion, use of renewable resources, air emission reductions and smart water usage.

Meet the Team

Nicole Goicochea – Team Lead, Environmental Management System Representative and Natural Resources

Nicholas Doss – Air, Sustainability

Robert Scalamera – Stormwater, Drinking Water, Installation Restoration, National Environmental Policy Act, Petroleum, and Oil and Lubricants

Samuel Zentkovich – Pest Management, Hazardous Materials and Waste, and Solid Waste/Recycling


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