DLA Energy Fiscal 2018 Fact Book is online

By DLA Energy Public Affairs


The Defense Logistics Agency Energy Fiscal Year 2018 Fact Book is online!

Annually, the agency publishes a fact book to provide an organizational overview of the agency with a snapshot of the facts, figures and financial information from the previous fiscal year.

The book includes a thorough overview of the organization, its structure and supporting business units as well as detailed information on sales, cost, inventory, contract actions and programs.

Warfighter first and strengthening service and combatant command readiness and lethality were the driving force for Defense Logistics Agency Energy in fiscal year 2018, wrote DLA Energy Commander Air Force Brig. Gen. Albert Miller in the Commander’s Update. In 2018, DLA Energy procured more than 81 million barrels of fuel for the warfighter valued at more than $8.5 billion. Broken down, that’s $4.5 billion for the Air Force; $2.6 billion for the Navy; $1 billion for the Army, $40 million for the Marine Corps; and $366 million for our international partners.

DLA Energy provided more than 137 million gallons of fuel in 32 countries in support of 29 separate exercises and operations. DLA Energy Direct Delivery Fuels, on behalf of DLA Europe & Africa, awarded its first Posts, Camps & Station contract to deliver JP8 fuel in Poland. Host-nation support fulfilled all previous deliveries for our forces, making this an important accomplishment to not only enable fuel distribution in Poland but also support broader European exercises and operations.

One example of our strong partnerships and customer support is the use of energy savings performance contracts and renewable energy supply agreements to build energy efficiency and resiliency. DLA Energy Installation Energy awarded a 25-year contract for a solar photovoltaic system at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California. In February 2018, the 180-acre, 28-megawatt solar energy facility began supplying Vandenberg Air Force Base with enough electricity to meet approximately 35 percent of the base’s energy needs. DLA Energy Installation Energy also contracted for energy conservation upgrades to approximately 900 buildings, a solar photovoltaic system, and a micro-grid system to contribute to reductions in energy intensity and improvements in resiliency on the Department of Defense’s largest joint base, Joint Base San Antonio, Texas. With these upgrades, the base will reduce their energy spending by approximately $8.3 million annually.

Beyond energy efficiency and resiliency, the DLA Energy Sustainment, Restoration and Modernization Division remains committed to maintaining DoD’s fixed fuel infrastructure. During fiscal year 2018, the program committed $145 million towards 159 fuel facility projects at 143 fuel sites. A highlight of the year was the ribbon cutting ceremony for the completion of the Point Loma, Pier Military Construction Project. This $84 million renovation project was awarded in 2013 as part of a series of fuel facilities upgrades aimed at extending facility life expectancy, reducing operating costs, providing increased fuel storage capability and improving overall safety. We also closed Defense Fuel Support Point Yorktown in Virginia, avoiding more than $100 million in renovation costs.

In addition to Warfigher support, DLA Energy supports the whole of government including the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Customs and Border Protection, Department of Homeland Security, Environmental Protection Agency and many more. In fact, the Aerospace Energy team continues to not only support DoD and NASA but also the commercial space launch industry with rocket propellants and chemicals needed to stay on the cutting edge of space exploration. In 2018, the Aerospace Energy team supported 18 rocket launches including NASA’s recent Parker Solar Probe mission which was launched from Kennedy Space Center using DLA propellants.

To read more about DLA Energy and its fiscal year 2018 highlights, download a copy of the Fact Book on the agency’s publications webpage.