Installation Energy


Installation Energy offers acquisition support for facility energy requirements such as coal, natural gas, electricity commodity purchase support, renewable energy credit purchases, long term renewable energy project development and energy savings performance initiatives. It also coordinates for the Department of Defense’s participation in electricity demand response programs.

The following programs areas explain more about how DLA Energy might assist you with your facility energy needs.

Coal Program

A coal stockpile at Eielson Air Force Base in AlaskaInstallation Energy serves as the centralized procurement agent for the procurement, testing and delivery of coal to DoD and federal civilian agencies in the continental U.S. The coal program awards both single and multi-year contracts. The program is also currently supporting the delivery of bituminous and subbituminous coal annually to the Army, Navy, Air Force and various federal civilian locations. For more information on the coal program, please contact 

A natural gas pressure meterNatural Gas

Installation Energy is DoD’s central procurement agency for direct supply natural gas. It's DoD’s policy to competitively acquire direct supply natural gas under the natural gas program when cost effective and the program has the same degree of supply reliability as other practical alternative energy sources. For more information on the natural gas program, please contact

Electricity Program

Installation Energy executes competitive acquisition of retail open access for the DoD and federal civilian agencies in states that have implemented deregulation. DoD components are encouraged to partner with DLA Energy and aggregate regional electricity requirements to competitively procure electricity and ancillary services. For more information on the electricity program, please contact

Demand Response

Installation Energy assists customers with enrollment in demand response programs in order to support grid reliability. DLA Energy has signed agreements with multiple curtailment service providers across the U.S. and is actively issuing task orders for customer participation in load reduction programs during times of peak demand in return for financial incentives. Since the startup of the demand response program, Installation Energy has supported more than 60 DoD and federal civilian customer sites in demand response participation. For more information on the demand response program, please contact

Renewable Energy Credit ProgramWorkers in a lift with a solar panel

Installation Energy is the primary DoD contracting agent for purchasing renewable energy credits to meet customers’ renewable energy goals. Since the startup of the REC program, Installation Energy has procured renewable electricity generated from wind, biomass, landfill gas, municipal solid waste and hydroelectric resources in the form of RECs. For more information on the REC program, please contact

Energy Savings Performance Contracts and Renewable Energy Program

Installation Energy is one of the DoD’s contracting agents for meeting established energy efficiency and renewable energy goals. DLA Energy assists customers in determining which contractual and financing vehicles are applicable to their renewable energy or energy conservation effort. For more information on the ESPC and/or renewable energy programs, please contact

Upcoming Solicitations

If you are interested in participating in an upcoming solicitation, please forward your requirements to the appropriate program’s email address. Solicitations can be found on the on the website by searching Contract Opportunities.