News | May 19, 2019

DLA assists U.S. Navy in reintroducing Union Jack flag on naval ships

By Dana Thornbury DLA Land and Maritime Public Affairs

Returning to naval tradition, the Union Jack flag will replace the First Navy Jack flag which has been used on all naval vessels since 2002. The change will take place with morning colors on June 4.

The maritime flag is essentially the upper left quadrant of the U.S. flag, displaying 50 white stars on a field of blue.

“The date for reintroduction of the Union Jack commemorates the greatest naval battle in history: the Battle of Midway, which began on June 4, 1942,” said Royal Cline, a Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime customer service representative.

The maritime flag will fly from small flagpoles known as jackstaffs that are mounted on the bows of all Navy vessels when in port or at anchor.

DLA has played a vital role in ensuring the maritime flags are on-hand and ready for the transition by gathering the information on the number of flags needed, working with the contractor to ensure production goals are met and the delivery of the flags.

“As a CSR, that’s what we do. We gather information from the fleet and pass it back,” Cline said.

Cline forecasted the number of flags needed and worked with his DLA Troop Support counterparts to ensure the contract was issued. The bulk of the 8,000 flags were shipped to DLA by mid-May, in addition to the 500 that were delivered in April, ensuring the flags arrived in time for its latest debut.