News | June 7, 2019

DLA provides the food that fuels Marines

By DLA Public Affairs

Food is the fuel that helps Marine recruits and careerists stay healthy for the demands of rigorous training and combat operations throughout their career. As the Defense Department’s executive agent for subsistence, Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support provides that food whether it’s individually packaged meals in a Marine's ruck sack or served in a military dining facility.


DLA Troop Support Team Subsistence works with industry partners around the globe to feed troops and takes pride in ensuring Marines have a taste of home for the holidays no matter where they’re deployed. The team also partners with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to troops in the United States as well as local vendors that can supply fresh produce to troops overseas.

For more information how DLA can support subsistence needs, visit DLA Troop Support