News | April 21, 2020

DLA provides critical mapping support, enables USNS Comfort’s COVID-19 NYC support

By Leon Moore DLA Aviation Public Affairs

Defense Logistics Agency Aviation answered an emergency request for nautical charts from the Navy hospital ship USNS Comfort in just three hours a little more than a week before it left Norfolk, Virginia, for New York City, where it’s providing critical COVID-19 support.  

Jeffrey Farmer, chief of Mapping Customer Operations’ Inventory Management Branch, said the request for 13 nautical charts arrived March 19 and were needed before the USNS Comfort departed for NYC March 28.  

Farmer and his team, located in Richmond, Virginia, coordinated with the DLA Data Management Services Print on Demand shop on Naval Station Norfolk to print the 13 charts. A crewmember from the Comfort picked up the charts the next day from the DLA Norfolk Map Support Office. 

"We are proud to know that the nautical charts provided helped the Comfort get to New York to do its mission. This quick-turn support for the USNS Comfort was a testament to DLA’s commitment to support not only the warfighter, but our country as a whole in this difficult time of need," he said.