News | Sept. 24, 2020

Culture Climate Survey starts Oct. 9

By Irene Smith DLA Energy Public Affairs

Civilians, military and local nationals, let your voices be heard!  Defense Logistics Agency is launching its 2020 Denison Culture Climate survey Oct. 9.

The survey, which measures employee perceptions of agency culture, is used to improve culture to improve performance. 

“I encourage the entire Energy workforce to participate in the forthcoming DLA 2020 Culture Climate Survey,” said DLA Energy Deputy Commander Eric Smith. “Our goal is 100% participation within DLA Energy.”

Employees should begin receiving the email invitation on Oct. 9 and the survey will be available until Nov. 13. 

Since 2003, DLA has used the survey to assess the culture of the workforce and provide a confidential avenue for employees to share their anonymous feedback on their work environment. The results of the survey provide DLA the opportunity to engage employees and leaders in thoughtful, data-driven discussions that lead to informed action and improved culture and performance.

Following the results of the 2018 Denison Survey, a 2019 Culture Action Plan was created and three culture climate teams were formed. Initiatives included efforts to increase organizational communication, improve professional development opportunities, and link performance and recognition to organizational goals and performance based action.

As a result of the culture climate teams’ efforts, six Energy 101 overview courses were presented, 95% of Energy employees achieved approved Individual Development Plans and six employees participated in the Energy developmental opportunities.

Other successes included a 10% increase in professional development applications and a 10% increase in internal rotational assignments.

“The survey takes only 30-45 minutes to complete,” said DLA Energy Culture Climate Champion Drake Utley. “Supervisors are instructed to allow employees time to complete the survey during the workday.”

This year’s theme is “Your Voice is Our Future” and previous DLA Culture/Climate Survey results led to:

  • DLA Enterprise Leader Development Program 
  • Multi-source feedback (360) assessments for leaders
  • Recognition programs (e.g., Strategic Goals Awards)
  • New/expanded work-life programs (e.g., fitness and telework programs)

Why would you not want to participate? DLA Energy’s past success stories show employees the value of completing the survey, emphasizing that their ideas matter, Utley said. 

“The sense of ownership and commitment inherent in the phrase ‘Your Voice is Our Future’ should become ingrained, allowing DLA culture to grow and improve,” Smith said. “Your candid feedback counts and can make a positive difference!”  

Watch for the survey link in your email and let your voice be heard to help make DLA Energy an even better place to work.