News | April 23, 2021

Defense fuel support at Craney Island

By Connie Braesch DLA Energy Public Affairs

In his first operational trip since taking command, Defense Logistics Agency Energy Commander Air Force Brig. Gen. Jimmy Canlas visited fuel facilities at Naval Supply System Fleet Logistics Center Norfolk Craney Island in Virginia, April 15.

A significant asset in the DLA Energy Americas East supply chain, Defense Fuel Support Point Craney Island issues over 750 million gallons of military specification fuel to Navy and Department of Defense customers every year from three fueling piers and two truck fill stands.

“Outreach with our customers and the people who help us achieve our mission to provide globally resilient energy solutions helps us address service-specific challenges and develop solutions,” Canlas said. “Trust begins with understanding our customers’ priorities and capturing their feedback.”

Canlas, along with DLA Energy’s Americas Commander Army Col. Raphael Heflin and Americas East Commander Army Lt. Col. Julian Perez, toured the Craney Island fuel depot and Naval Air Station Oceana to learn more about the customer’s needs and to see recent improvements to the facilities. 

Since 2015, the DLA Energy Sustainment, Restoration and Modernization Program has funded 22 projects totaling $16 million at Craney Island for improvements to fuel tanks, piers, pipelines, fuel loading systems and other upgrades. 

“The Craney Island and Oceana site visits were very helpful in understanding the fuel supply chain supporting strategic force projection locations on the East coast,” Heflin said. “The partnership between DLA Energy and the Navy has been and continues to be instrumental in providing resilient fuel support to the Warfighter.”

NAS Oceana is the largest government-owned and operated retail fuel operation in the Navy, said DLA Energy Americas East Deputy Director for Mission Support Air Force Maj. Charles Morton

“Craney Island fuel depot is a strategic fuel site for DLA Energy supporting the Navy and U.S. Transportation Command and represents a significant portion of Navy’s global fuel throughput,” Morton added.

NAVSUP FLC Norfolk Regional Fuel Director Kevin Henderson called the trip “tremendous.”

“Virtual visits will never replace meeting in-person, developing the relationships and site knowledge necessary to provide fuel support to the Warfighters,” Henderson said. “The strong partnership between DLA Energy and NAVSUP FLC Norfolk is critical to developing a more resilient East Coast petroleum supply chain.”

In addition to Craney Island, DLA Energy has 595 other strategically located defense bulk fuel storage facilities located around the world supporting both U.S. forces and international partners.