News | May 12, 2021

DLA Aviation hosts Air Force noncommissioned officers’ promotion ceremony

By Dominique J. Shelton DLA Aviation Public Affairs Office

The Defense Logistics Agency Aviation recognized four Air Force noncommissioned officers assigned to several divisions throughout the command, during an Air Force promotion ceremony held in the Frank B. Lotts Conference Center on Defense Supply Center Richmond, Virginia, May 7. Due to COVID-19 restrictions attendance in the venue was limited.

Of the honorees, Cameron Peeples was promoted to technical sergeant and three (Tech. Sgt. Christopher Farris, Tech. Sgt. Lee Mendoza and Tech. Sgt. Jordan De Jesus) received recognition for their upcoming promotion to the rank of master sergeant; however, they will not be officially promoted and eligible to wear their new rank until June 1.

According to the event coordinator Air Force Master Sgt. Dalton Thomas, enlisted career broadener, Air Force Customer Facing Division, Customer Operations Directorate, DLA Aviation, this specific ceremony differs from most promotion ceremonies because it is a blend of a traditional Air Force promotion ceremony and a senior noncommissioned officer induction ceremony.

“An Air Force senior noncommissioned officer induction ceremony is a long-standing tradition to recognize the achievement of reaching the rank of master sergeant and the selfless sacrifices it takes to get there,” said Air Force Tech. Sgt. Christopher Farris, an enlisted career broadener working in the Supplier Operations Commodities Directorate of DLA Aviation. “This event recognizes members who have been selected to promote and culminates with a recitation of the SNCO creed.”

Farris went on to say that the induction ceremony differs from a promotion ceremony which recognizes all Airmen who are promoted and are putting on their new promoted rank.

“The pandemic has changed many facets of our military careers, so we have had to adapt and adjust to the times,” Thomas said. “Now that we can have a public ceremony at reduced capacity, we are combining efforts to ensure all ranks are recognized accordingly.”