News | May 26, 2021

Changes occurring on Defense Supply Center Richmond

By Leon Moore DLA Aviation Public Affairs Office

Those working within Defense Logistics Agency Aviation’s Planning Process Directorate on Defense Supply Center Richmond, Virginia, have new, temporary homes. More than 220 people moved from Building 31, H Bay and Building 32, H and M Bays into the four huge trailers in the parking lot in front of bldg. 59 along G Road. The move took place between May 3-10.

David Gibson, site director for DLA Installation Management at Richmond said military construction (MILCON) plans for the DLA Aviation Operations Center affected the amount of space available to meet additional missions that were added after the MILCON planning phase.  Therefore, trailers were added to Parking Lot 9 to meet all of DLA Aviation’s administrative office space requirements.  The MILCON plans included the demolition of Building 33 as the first part of the construction contract.   

Gibson also stated demolition of Bldg. 33, making way for construction of phase two of the DLA Operations Center, has begun. The demolition and drilling of geothermal well fields and ultimately the construction of the new structure is scheduled to take place over the next 2 1/2 years with a projected completion date of December 2023. The Army Corps of Engineers is in charge of the project.