News | Dec. 22, 2021

South East region welcomes new director amidst a busy 2021

By Jason Shamberger DLA Disposition Services

Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services South East’s 2021 saw the region make significant improvements within its operations and processes while also welcoming a new director to lead the team.

Becky Watson joined the team in December as the newest director for the region, taking over after previously serving as an area manager in Norfolk, Virginia.

One of the major accomplishments the South East region achieved during 2021 was instituting a process to identify overaged hazardous waste throughout its sites. This achievement improves efficiencies, allowing personnel to comprehensively report the amount of hazardous waste in the system.

“The report can also be used to identify documents that are input in the system and then end up not being needed and then they just sit there taking up valuable space,” explained Watson. “This is much like when your cell phone has too many pictures on it and starts acting ‘funny’ because it has run out of memory. Clearing out the old documents frees up operating space for the system to operate better.”

Freeing up space to allow for smoother operations is only one of the methods for creating more efficient operations.

Another success for the region is the execution of the Modernization and Displacement and Repair Site process. This consisted of the Ft. Bragg warehouse site serving as the primary turn-in location for the 82nd Airborne units to divest surplus equipment on an unlimited basis. This service was available to customers five days a week. The concept proved so effective, the Army will implement the process throughout the service in the coming months.

“The retrograde warehouse team streamlined the turn-in and receiving process, thus increasing productivity by 95%,” said U.S. Army Major Tommie Bryant of the 82nd Special Troops Battalion. “The improvements to velocity boosted the flow of turn-ins significantly from 5 - 10 pieces of rolling stock per unit.”

In addition, the region’s workforce was in a constant state of flux due to COVID-19. The South East team rose to meet this challenge as each site had unique circumstances to overcome in order to remain successful.

“Warner Robins AFB hired its third RA in 18 months,” Watson explained. “Eglin AFB is in the process of hiring it’s second in five months. Also, we have been operating in recall mode all year, with everyone stepping up during periods of uncertainty with COVID and its transmission. As a result, all sites remained open and provided reverse logistics solutions to the Warfighters.”

Continued support to our nation’s Warfighters while also reducing safety mishaps by 28% – based on pre-COVID data – displays the commitment to excellence within the South East region and its personnel.

“The team showed exceptional resiliency as everyone kept moving forward through the pandemic, turnover in personnel and the Field Office Realignment,” Watson said. “The mission was always at the front – and everyone gave 100% to support the Warfighter.”