News | Jan. 18, 2022

DLA Logistics Information Services and Disposition Services partner to accomplish more than just inventory compliance

By Jason Shamberger DLA Disposition Services

Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services and the team of analysts within DLA Logistics Information Services Department of Defense Demilitarization Coding Management Office work hand-in-hand to ensure items are assigned the proper DEMIL codes.

“Disposition Services will sometimes receive property at their disposal sites,” said the Chief of DDCMO Mark Hubbart, “and they’ll see the DEMIL code on the item and think it’s not correct so they will reach out to our office to do the research to validate what the DEMIL Code should be according to the technical drawing and DEMIL Policy and Procedures we adhere to.”

There are multiple teams within the organization – each playing a different role in the DEMIL coding process. The Special Investigative team of research analysts determine the proper codes through accessing technical data and researching an item to assist in criminal activity inquiries and the POW/MIA program.

New item team members begin their work the following day after a new item is assigned a stock number. This group validates the DEMIL coding accuracy and communicates to the services if there is any change recommended.

“We review the DEMIL code on brand new stock items and either agree with the current code supplied or change it,” said Nick Barney a DDCMO program analyst. “If they change the DEMIL code on a brand new stock number there is a process in place notifying the service of that change to the DEMIL code so that we can both discuss and agree on a code.”

The role of DDCMO analysts is more than just ensuring new items are properly coded. Once an item receives a DEMIL code circumstances may arise causing that code to change. This is when the Challenge team reviews the code history to determine if any changes are recommended. The analysts are also responsible for identifying what system the component is a part of.

“Over time the DEMIL code manual changes,” Barney said. “It’s very possible that an item 10 years ago is now listed under a different code. I can also see the history of the DEMIL codes and provide the cost and the end item it’s used on – is it used on a tank or an aircraft for example.”

Man drives a forklift
Workload increases at Disposition Services in Columbus, Ohio
Wage Grade Supervisor Brian Decarlo moves demilitarized items with the forklift at a Disposition Services Columbus, Ohio warehouse.
Photo By: DLA Disposition Services
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The role DDCMO plays in the disposition process is no small part according to Hubbart, who explained the importance of proper coding.

“That one code could be the difference between life and death,” said Hubbart. “There are some particular items that have explosives in them or are hazardous items. If we don’t code that right and it gets turned in without getting caught and someone goes to scrap it or cut it up and there is an explosion – that could result in death.”

The continuing partnership between DDCMO and Disposition Services aims to support our Warfighters and keep fellow DLA team members safe and operating at full capacity.

For additional information on DEMIL codes and procedural guidance, view the DDCMO home page.