Department of Defense (DOD) Demilitarization (DEMIL) Coding Management Office (DDCMO)

DEMIL code indicates the degree of required physical destruction, identifies items requiring specialized capabilities or procedures, and identifies items which do not require DEMIL but may require Trade Security Controls. It is used throughout the life-cycle to identify control requirements required before release from DoD control.  The DEMIL codes below are listed as the Highest Severity to the Lowest Severity in DEMIL coding. DEMIL Integrity Code appear adjacent to the DEMIL Code in FLIS that identify the validity of an item’s DEMIL code. For additional information on DEMIL codes or DEMIL Integrity Codes, see DOD 4160.28 DEMIL Program or DOD 4100.39M FLIS Manual.

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G             USML or CCL Military Items- DEMIL required- ammunition and explosives (AE). This code applies
                to both unclassified and classified AE items.

P              USML Items- DEMIL required. Security Classified Items.

F              USML or CCL Military Items- DEMIL required. Item managers, equipment specialists, or product
                specialist must furnish special DEMIL instructions.

D             USML or CCL Military Items- DEMIL required. Destroy item and components to prevent restoration
                or repair to a usable condition.

C             USML or CCL Military Items- DEMIL required. Remove or demilitarize installed key points(s) items
                as DEMIL code "D".

E              DOD DEMIL Program Office reserves this code for its exclusive - use only. DEMIL instructions
                must be furnished by the DoD DEMIL Program Office.

B              USML Items - Multilation (MUT) to the point of scrap required worldwide.

Q             Commerce Control List Item (CCLI) - MUT to the point of scrap required outside the United
                States. Inside the United States, MUT is required when the DEMIL Intergrity Code (IC) is "3"
                and MUT is not required when the DEMIL IC is "6".

A              Items subject to the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) in parts 773-74 of Title 15, Code
                of Federal Regulations (CFR) (CCLI or EAR99) and determined by the DoD to present a low risk
                when released out of DoD control. No DEMIL, MUT or end use certificate is required. May require
                an export license from DOC.

BLANK    DEMIL code has not been reviewed by DDCMO.

0              DEMIL code reviewed by DDCMO. Recommended DEMIL code and current Inventory
                Control Point (ICP) DEMIL code are not equal. Presently in collaboration cycle.

1              DEMIL code reviewed by DDCMO, recommended DEMIL code adopted by ICP, or no DEMIL
                code change recommended.

2              DEMIL code reviewed by DDCMO and accepted by ICP (DEMIL IC "1") however, ICP has
                since overridden or changed code.

3              Critical federal supply class (FSC) or federal supply group (FSG) munitions list item (MLI) or
                sensitive commerce control list item (CCLI).  Requires mutilation worldwide.

4              DEMIL code could not be validated or there is insufficient technical data available.

5              Either: (1) Item reviewed and coded by Service or agency ICP without DDCMO collaboration; or,
                (2) Service or agency ICP changed the DEMIL code prior to completion of DEMIL IC "0" review
                or collaboration cycle.

6              Non-critical FSC or FSG MLI or non-sensitive CCLI. Requires mutilation overseas.

7              Forced concurrence when the DDCMO has forced a DEMIL code change in FLIS. ICP has not
                responded to collaboration request (over 90 days old) or failed to update the DEMIL code in the
                ICPs legacy system.

8              ICP has non-concurred with a DDCMO recommended DEMIL Code. Item DEMIL coding pending

9              Reserved for future use.


 DEMIL Coding Tables (MS Word)