Preregistration tools coming to WebFLIS site

DLA Logistics Information Services

Defense Logistics Agency Logistics Information Services has released tools to help users of the Web-based version of the Federal Logistics Information System, or WebFLIS, maintain access as the preregistration period for the system's move to a new platform begins in May.

According to Suzanne Daugherty, the WebFLIS project lead, users can go to the WebFLIS website for new links to documents that will provide them with a WebFLIS 2.0 reference guide and instructions on accessing DLA’s Account Management and Provisioning System to request a WebFLIS role. Because WebFLIS will be role-based, customers who qualify for access to restricted logistics data must register through AMPS. Those who qualify for access to restricted data would include authorized members of the military, federal agencies and government-sponsored non-federal entities who have a common access card or external certificate authority card. The AMPS document explains who is eligible for various roles within WebFLIS, where to log into AMPS, and how to respond to prompts users may see while logging in to AMPS.

Those who do not qualify for restricted data access who previously used the public search tool on the WebFLIS website will have to use the new PUB LOG FLIS Search tool, available at DLA Logistics Information Services’ Freedom of Information Act Reading Room, instead. The tool will offer publically releasable data to those who cannot access WebFLIS.

The WebFLIS 2.0 reference guide outlines enhancements to the system. Among those is the use of tabs to support WebFLIS’ new design. The tabs will include categories for Queries, Bill of Materials and Reports, and each tab is explained in the guide. The document also notes what queries are new to WebFLIS and reminds users they will have to sign-in every 35 days to retain access. After that, they will be locked out and have to contact the DLA Enterprise Help Desk to have their accounts unlocked.

“Users can preregister 30 days prior to the changes using AMPS,” Daugherty said. “It is important for them to watch the banner on the WebFLIS site to know when and how to take action to maintain their access.”

Customers who previously developed automated processes to query and download multiple items of supply from old Public WebFLIS tool will not retain those capabilities with PUB LOG FLIS Search. Customers using that tool will be limited to about 350 searches in a 24-hour period. Using PUB LOG FLIS Search, customers will be able to view or download three national stock numbers, five national item identification numbers or 27 part numbers with a single query. Those who require larger volumes of information can subscribe to web services at  

Information on WebFLIS and other DLA products and services is available through DLA’s Customer Interaction Center at (877) 352-2255. Users who need technical assistance with WebFLIS access issues should contact the DLA Enterprise Help Desk at or by calling (855) 352-0001.