Oklahoma City’s Harrison awarded Global Distribution Excellence: Inventory Management Senior Civilian Manager of the Year Award

By Brianne M. Bender DLA Distribution Public Affairs

Darryl Harrison, supervisory general supply specialist, Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Oklahoma City, Okla., has been awarded the 2014 Global Distribution Excellence: Inventory Management Senior Civilian of the Year Award for his teamwork, distribution expertise and willingness to help both internal and external customers.

Harrison’s responsibilities include leading a team of 18 employees, reviewing financial liability investigation of property loss vouchers and maintaining, controlling and reviewing causative research packages related to asset losses.

By utilizing his extensive knowledge of warehousing, the Distribution Standard System, and a number of Air Force and Department of Defense legacy systems, Harrison was able to ensure positive resolution of $30 million in assets.

A shared folder with nearly 40 folders was developed and maintained by Harrison, consisting of hundreds of self-designed training aids. The folder has provided a 50 percent reduction of time spent by employees searching for information.

In the most recent culture survey, Harrison’s section ranked number one and the best out of 12 DLA Distribution Oklahoma City sections. “Culture/climate scores showed an improvement of 12 percent, partially due to the positive work environment he promotes,” said Ned LaViolette, DLA Distribution Oklahoma City, Okla., director.

Additionally, Harrison provided instructions and assistance for well over 4,300 customer requests. With walk-ins taking up nearly 50 percent of his day, he was still able to facilitate customer satisfaction.

“Darryl sets standards for all to emulate,” said LaViolette. “His unparalleled management style and superior knowledge allow him to create an empowered workforce environment. He and his team take pride in providing up-to-date and accurate inventory records to support the warfighter.