Red River distribution center receives Phyllis C. Campbell Award for Superior Performance

By Brianne M. Bender DLA Distribution Public Affairs

Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Red River, Texas, has been awarded the 2014 Global Distribution Excellence Phyllis C. Campbell Award for Superior Performance for their enduring contribution to the warfighter.

“DLA Distribution Red River’s first priority is ensuring the warfighter meets their mission,” said the distribution center deputy commander Frank Holobinko.

The organization has been a leader in material release order process management as well as in redistribution order management process. Their U.S. Army Logistics Modernization Program, item management efficiency was up 15 percent, despite an 81 percent increase in program workload. With mission performance indicators maintained above 90 percent, customers praised Red River’s superior support.

“We have a unique responsibility of managing the Army’s LMP system for items used at nine regional army installations,” said Holobinko. “Red River also acts as the financial clearance focal point for LMP contracts using the DLA Wide-Area Workflow Contact Payment System.”

Red River’s leadership initiated team-building events to forge stronger relationships between leadership and the workforce, raising productivity by 15 percent. Additionally, in an effort to be career development-focused, a formal reading program for managers at all levels was instituted. Writings by professional development experts were used to develop “management” toolboxes to provide solid quality and group dynamic management ensuring DLA Distribution Red River’s success.

Focusing on safety, their mishap re-enactment program which thoroughly examined causes and effects of actual mishaps to determine root-causes was initiated. Participation by key managers, unit safety teams and mishap participants helped property loss decrease by 15 percent.

“This is a reflection of outstanding teamwork and dedication,” said Holobinko.