Tobyhanna’s East Storage Inventory team wins Distribution’s Team of the Quarter award

By DLA Distribution Public Affairs DLA Distribution Public Affairs

Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Tobyhanna, Pa.’s, East Storage Inventory team has been awarded the DLA Distribution Team of the Quarter award for second quarter, fiscal year 2015 for its work with the program manager stock program.

Through DLA Distribution Tobyhanna, participating PMs are able to maintain stocks co-located with their servicing maintenance activity, while having those stocks controlled on a DoD accountable record that’s also audit compliant.

This new program presented a new challenge for the inventory team, made up of Joseph Gensel and Joseph Henshaw. More than 160,000 sq. ft. of newly-acquired material needed sorted and catalogued. Beginning in October 2014, Gensel and Henshaw began this cataloguing process, and have completed six program manager’s entire inventory.

Gensel and Henshaw established new detailed spreadsheets, segregated by projects, to manage the new material. “The entire operation can hinge on the inventory team’s spreadsheets being up-to-date and accurate,” said Robert Dodson, deputy commander of the distribution center.

“Mr. Henshaw and Mr. Gensel bring a positive attitude to work with them every day, and other employees feed off that,” said Benjamin Herring, the duo’s supervisor. “They also bring a work ethic that is admired by other team members.”