Susquehanna’s “780 Move Crew” receives Team of the Quarter Award

By DLA Distribution Public Affairs DLA Distribution Public Affairs


Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Susquehanna, Pa’s., “780 Move Crew” has received the Team of the Quarter Award for third quarter, fiscal year 2014, for their efforts in optimizing and relocating stock from Building 5, to Building 780.

The team was made up of 64 voluntarily-detailed employees throughout DLA Distribution Susquehanna.  “They arrived highly motivated and engaged as volunteers on different non-preferred shifts, and were then assigned to move the entire inventory from Building 5 to the newly-erected Building 780,” said Brad Yiengst, optimization manager at the distribution center.

The team was able to overcome challenges including a limited number of dock doors available, limited material handling equipment to use in the old building, and the team was working in a World War I-era building.  “It seemed like a daunting and unachievable task, but this group was highly motivated and willing to accept any challenge,” said Yiengst.  “They put aside their personal goals and began to believe in each other, naming themselves the ‘780 Move Crew’ and decried they would shock the world and complete the mission on time, safely and efficiently.”

The 780 Move Crew began on June 9.  Building 5 had more than 6,300 locations of more than 5,400 National Stock Numbers, for a total extended cube of approximately 210,000 throughout nine bays (approximately 1.1 million square feet).   All material needed verification of Kind, Count, and Condition prior to leaving Building 5, as well as upon its arrival at Building 780.  The team split equally between the two buildings and extended to a two-shift operation.

By June 19, Building 5’s extended cube of material was zero.  Working at a 139 percent production rate, the ‘780 Move Crew’ completed their task.  “What was thought to be inconceivable became believable,” said Yiengst.  “The team put forth staggering numbers during 11 days.  Their most notable achievements were emptying five bays of bulk within five days and sustaining zero discrepancies during the entire move.”

“This team exemplifies what is possible when a group of employees unite to complete a common goal while faced with adversity,” concluded Yiengst.