News | Oct. 26, 2015

Yokosuka distribution center hosts annual Forklift Rodeo and Safety Rally

By Navy Lt. Ken Nelson DLA Distribution Yokosuka, Japan

On Oct. 9, Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Yokosuka, Japan hosted their 10th annual Forklift Rodeo and Safety Rally, a five-event competition designed to test safe and efficient forklift operating skills.

The Forklift Rodeo showcased the operational skill of 41 drivers in eight teams, representing Navy Exchange Yokosuka, DLA Distribution Yokosuka Japan, and Naval Supply Systems Command Fleet Logistics Center Yokosuka A-61 Shop.  The drivers participated in events including “Soft Touch,” “Honest Officer, I Wasn’t Speeding,” “Having a Ball,” Shoot the Bull,” and “The Square Dance.”

The competition was fierce this year with the NEX Team 1 taking third place, FLCY A-61 Shop taking second, and DLA Distribution Yokosuka’s Transportation Division taking first place. The Best Individual Performance Award went to Yoshitaka Nakamura from the FLCY A-61 Shop.

The Safety Rally was strongly supported by the Commander Naval Forces Japan Regional Fire Department with its fire engine display, smoke-filled room simulator, and an 8.0 magnitude earthquake simulator. The smoke-filled room simulator reinforced previous training on the proper way to egress a burning building, and the earthquake simulator demonstrated the power of a major earthquake.

The Safety Rally also included information on bicycle safety from the Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka Safety Office, and refresher safety training for forklift operations from Sumitomo Nacco Forklift Company.

The Forklift Rodeo has evolved from its start in 2006 as a DLA Distribution Yokosuka internal event.  Partner commands joined in 2008, and the Safety Rally was added in 2011.  Rodeo events were modified in 2014 to increase the emphasis on safe and precise handling.