Puget Sound’s Acosta named DLA Distribution Employee of the Quarter

By DLA Distribution Public Affairs DLA Distribution Public Affairs


Jose “Sonny” Acosta, distribution facilities manager at DLA Distribution Puget Sound, Wash., has been selected as one of DLA Distribution’s Employees of the Quarter for fourth quarter fiscal year 2015 for his sustained superior performance, exceptional leadership, meticulous attention to detail, and innovative contributions as retail site director. 

According to Navy Cmdr. Mark Peace, DLA Distribution Puget Sound commander, despite only serving as retail site director since July, Acosta has made momentous contributions to streamlining retail processes and improving warfighter support by ensuring the material was in customers’ hands when needed.  “He performed in an exemplary and highly professional manner proven by improved retail metrics,” said Peace.

Peace adds that Acosta was instrumental in the restructuring of multiple significant functional areas of the distribution center.  He directly assisted the commander in a significant re-organization of DLA Distribution Puget Sound’s retail staff that enhanced productivity, streamlined overhead burdens and improved overall command efficiencies in supporting Navy Shipyard maintenance.  

He was also integral in recognizing the need to redistribute manpower assigned, reduce the employee to supervisor ratio and create a workplace more conducive to maintaining the current workforce by creating growth positions. 

Safety driven, Acosta provided significant hands-on leadership and mentoring to first-line supervisors.  He implemented a weekly safety muster that is the core of DLA Distribution Puget Sound’s almost nonexistent safety incident rate, said Peace. 

Acosta also drove the consolidating efforts of Navy shop stores into one large facility, which will reduce receipt-to-stow metrics and improved material availability for release to the customers in a more efficient and effective manner while freeing up premium storage real estate. 

“Mr. Acosta’s actions have built a culture of trust that will allow continued future partnering, consolidation, process improvement and efficiencies keeping DLA Distribution Puget Sound relevant and literally exciting our customers,” said Peace.