Tobyhanna’s Scutt named Employee of the Quarter

By DLA Distribution Public Affairs DLA Distribution Public Affairs


Stacey Scutt, distribution process worker at Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Tobyhanna, Pa., has been named Employee of the Quarter for the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2015.

While working closely with the local Disposition Services personnel who are collocated at Tobyhanna Army Depot, Scutt is the primary point of emphasis within the disposal process. She maintains primary accountability of all items departing the army depot for disposal. This requires a secondary kind, count, condition of items to ensure compliance with demilitarization of military equipment and property requirements as necessary, and involving the local disposition services for any issues with the items.

Additionally, Scutt coordinates with Battle Creek, Mich., to set up transportation requirements in order to move disposal items out of Tobyhanna, Pa.

Since Jan. 2015, Scutt has accomplished more than 1,400 material release orders destined for disposition services in Mechanicsburg, Pa., as well as more than 1,700 MRO’s to the on base disposition services.

“Just this quarter alone, Ms. Scutt’s efforts reduced Tobyhanna’s inventory close to 12 million dollars, ensuring productions rates remain low,” said Joseph Malloy, receiving supervisor at DLA Distribution Tobyhanna.

Furthermore, Scutt works on hazardous material storage, ensuring proper hazardous characteristics code and storage requirements are met. Working with Distribution Headquarters, she validates codes as well as ensuring customers are charged accurately.

“Ms. Scutt regularly works above and beyond to support the Headquarters, Distribution Tobyhanna leadership, Tobyhanna Army Depot and the warfighter,” explains Malloy. “We are honored to possess this outstanding employee whose excellent reputation is well deserved.”