Draughorne played a vital role in the responsibility of offloading and tallying more than 25,000 pieces of inbound freight delivered by 1,625 commercial carriers, and at least 500 intra-depot deliveries of thousands of re-warehoused material within the Eastern Distribution Center from July to September 2015.

Additionally, Draughorne expended over 690 hours assisting his Branch while accomplishing the key DLA Distribution operational function of receiving material at the inbound receiving dock doors with a full understanding of the standardized processes.  Draughorne  accepted all items at the off-load tally stage and flawlessly performed a full visual inspection of all material delivered, while keeping up with Process Standardization and data input for job breakdown sheets.

Draughorne’ s performance and work ethic, sparks unparalleled stages of productivity, accuracy, and efficiency within his work area and contributes directly to the overall success of DLA Distribution Susquehanna, PA.  His dedication and take charge attitude is evident to the entire Receiving Team and are essential elements of the Receiving Branch’s ability to support DLA customers worldwide.