News | Jan. 4, 2016

Pearl HarborTransportation team wins Distribution Team of the Quarter

By DLA Distribution Public Affairs DLA Distribution Public Affairs

The DLA Distribution Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, Transportation Management team has been named the DLA Distribution Team of the Quarter for fourth quarter fiscal year 2015 for its innovative methods in moving items to the customer in a more efficient and effective manner.

The team is comprised of Verniette Raymond, Alexander Roulston, Nicholas Watkins and SSgt Martin Panganiban.

According to supervisor Bernard Domingo, the team “displayed their determination, perseverance, drive and absolute ‘can-do” attitude through very notable accomplishments.”

Consistenly seeking innovative ways to reduce shipping times and increase cost savings, the team capitalized on the distribution center’s partnership with Hickam Air Force Base to convert transportation priority, or TP, of shipments for airlift, reducing cost and wait time for customers. 

Many shipments departing surface from the distribution center marked for Japan or Korea were scheduled as TP-3, or routine, and, due to the restrictions of The Merchant Marine Act of 1920, had return to California and to be re-booked for their final destinations.  With an average 110 transit days per shipment, the team began exploring the option of converting surface shipments to TP-4 to leverage available cargo space on planes departing Hickam Air Force Base.  Immediately, the average customer wait time was cut by 50 percent. 

Further streamlining the process, the team converted nearly 1,000 shipments for airlift with an average of seven transit days.  Due to the success with mission shipment, the team was able to offer the same option to local customers.  Since reimbursable shipments are paid by the customer, the team was able to process customer shipments TP-4 for airlift and not only reduce the transit time but also provide cost savings to the customer. 

Processing more than 800 reimbursable shipments, the team transported over 1,000 pieces of cargo weighing approximately 323,000 pounds with a cost saving differential of $362,000. 

“The Transportation Management Office, through performance and teamwork, has enabled the Pacific Command’s warfighters.  Their technical expertise, knowledge of the operational environment, and strategic thinking has forged a lasting partnership with Hickam Air Force Base that provides effective and efficient global solutions to the customer.  The Transportation Management Office is simply second to none!,” said Domingo.