News | April 5, 2016

Distribution Anniston’s Team of the Quarter

By Dr. Tanya Johnson DLA Distribution Public Affairs

Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Anniston, Ala’s., Support Office Team has been awarded the Team of the Quarter award for demonstrating superior performance and attention to detail during various crisis management situations.

The Support Office Team consistently performs their duties in an exemplary and highly professional manner.  Recently, DLA Distribution Anniston was directed to conduct a 100 percent bare metal serial number inventory of its weapons facility.  During the initial planning process, it was determined that having enough supplies on hand to complete inventory in the short amount of time directed would be one of the greatest and most crucial challenges in completing the mission.  The expertise, knowledge and experience possessed by support office personnel allowed DLA Distribution Anniston to order, receive and issue the correct supplies and vital material allowing the wall to wall to begin as scheduled.  The team’s ability and familiarity in dealing with the DLA Distribution Contracting Office and vendors was critical in packaging material and support equipment being delivered before inventory. 

The team is skilled in initiating, processing, researching, tracking and conducting follow up of all requirement justifications for supplies and material which has been a key contributor to the overall success of the mission.  Additionally, the ability of the support office team to work in conjunction with Anniston Army Depot Directorate of Public Works on the maintenance of the material handling equipment has had a positive impact on the mission of the organization. 

Due to the uniqueness of material handling equipment used by DLA Distribution Anniston, it requires precise attention to detail maintenance.  The organization would be unable to complete its mission without this equipment, and the readiness of this equipment is critical to mission.  The support office is also responsible for training all assigned MHE operators and their training program has been continuously recognized as the standard for DLA Distribution.

“The support office is a group of very resourceful professionals with a strong sense of professionalism and willingness to support the organization” said Darryl McMillon, division chief, Services and Support Division.