News | April 7, 2016

Distribution Susquehanna’s Employee of the Quarter

By Dr. Tanya Johnson DLA Distribution Public Affairs

Paul Finn, supervisory supply technician at DLA Distribution Susquehanna, Pa., has been selected as the Employee of the Quarter for the first quarter fiscal year 2016.

According to the EDC division chief, John Northrup, Finn is known for his leadership savvy and is the subject matter expert with regard to achieving green metrics and getting material moved.  He recognizes the need to develop employees throughout their career.  Finn’s leadership abilities coupled with his vast knowledge of EDC responsibilities continue to ensure the maximum support to customers and warfighters around the globe.

As the division branch chief of storage, Finn must support mission for both receiving and storage.  His staff is comprised of six managers, 26 supervisors, and 475 employees.  As a result, he influences the largest number of employees on the installation.  Finn is a notably high performer and will often network with other leaders to ensure all assigned tasks are effectively streamlined.

Finn is known for his intelligent and methodical approach to problematic situations, which has led to a significant backlog elimination and increase in returns by 15 percent, redistribution orders by 38 percent, stock transfer orders by 40 percent, and new procurement by 27 percent.  During this time, he coordinated multiple efforts to increase production by 30 percent and processed 99,558 returns. 

Finn is certain that his 24 years in the United States Marine Corps provided the foundation for the widely respected man he has become today.  Both superiors and subordinates can attest to the tenacity of his character.

“Paul is a self-starter and inspirational leader.  His outstanding efforts have been major catalysts in helping this distribution center provide global distribution excellence to worldwide customers,” said Northrup.