News | May 10, 2016

AFMC vice commander visits DLA Aviation

By DLA Aviation Public Affairs

Air Force Maj. Gen. Warren Berry, vice commander, Air Force Materiel Command, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, visited Defense Logistics Agency Aviation May 4 on Defense Supply Center Richmond, Virginia. The visit provided Berry with an overview of DLA Aviation’s basic business, as well as updates in key mission areas with a direct impact on Air Force readiness and support.

Berry learned that DLA Aviation aspires to be the Air Force’s ”supplier of choice”  and during the visit, DLA Aviation senior leaders and briefers showed him how DLA Aviation addresses support and sustainment challenges.  They also discussed how AFMC can assist DLA Aviation in meeting the Air Force’s mission needs. 

While on center, Berry took a windshield tour of the installation learning the history of DSCR, about other DLA and non-DLA tenants on center, and about current and future installation facility construction.   

During the tour, Berry visited DLA Customer Operations’ Mapping Division for a briefing on their mission from Kevin Bettis, chief of the Mapping Division.

Berry ended his visit sharing lunch with DLA Aviation's military cadre and shared his thoughts on the current state of the Air Force and professional development opportunities.