“Great ShakeOut” at DLA Distribution Hill reinforces emergency preparedness

By DLA Distribution Public Affairs DLA Distribution Public Affairs


In late April, the Utah Division of Emergency Management conducted the Great Utah ShakeOut, an emergency drill to exercise the potential of a 7.5-magnitued earthquake anticipated for the Wasatch Front.  In connection with the Great Utah ShakeOut, Hill Air Force Base and Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Hill conducted an “exercise week,” with drills practicing an increase to the Force Protection Conditions, shelter-in-place, active shooter scenarios, and additional natural and man-made disaster scenarios facing those who live and work within the area.  

Since DLA Distribution is a huge component on Hill Air Force Base, the site seized the opportunity to participate.  “This was a great opportunity to train and exercise our people for the threats we face every day,” said Andrew Konrady, director of the distribution center. 

During the week long exercise, Ray Ross, the antiterrorism officer and emergency manager to DLA at Ogden, conducted multiple events for all the DLA components on Hill Air Force Base.  DLA at Ogden consists of DLA Aviation, Distribution, Information Operations, Documents Services, Dispositions, Environmental and Energy. 

Ross and his team of emergency managers for each of the DLA components stood-up and managed the Unit Control Center, executed FPCON CHARLIE measures (the highest security measure), and conducted drop, cover and hold-on exercises associated with the projected 7.5-magnatude earthquake. 

In the event of an earthquake, drop, cover, and hold means to “drop” to the ground, take “cover” by getting under a sturdy desk or table, and “hold” on until the shaking stops.  If there isn’t a table or desk nearby, personnel should drop to the ground in an inside corner of the building and cover the head and neck with hands and arms.   Employees are encouraged to not try to run to another room and to just to get under a table. 

“This week of major events tested how employees and emergency personnel would respond as if in real life,” said Konrady.  “We tested our DLA Distribution Hill personnel to the fullest, and they rose to the occasion with 100 percent participation.”

During the week’s events, Hill Air Force Base conducted a communication outage.  “The COMM OUT provided a great opportunity for DLA at Ogden to develop and maintain information flow from affected areas to emergency and first responders, as well as gave us a chance to review and update the Continuity of Operations Plan,” said Ross. 

Active shooter drills, a shelter-in-place exercise, and evacuation procedures were also practiced.  By the end of the week, more than 700 DLA at Ogden employees had the opportunity to test their response in the event of both natural and man-made disasters.

“I am pleased that employees practiced the exercise as if it were real, and applied the appropriate measures for each scenario,” concluded Konrady.