News | Nov. 4, 2016

DLA Energy Commander visits Australia, Pacific commands

By Irene Smith, DLA Energy Public Affairs

Defense Logistics Agency Energy Commander Air Force Brig. Gen. Martin Chapin addressed the Australia Fuel Symposium as a guest of the Australian Defense Force Fuel Services Branch Oct. 25.

The visit marked a growing relationship between DLA Energy and the Australian Defense Force Fuel Services Branch.

“Improving the Defense Fuel Supply Chain is another step in the continuing evolution of the American and Australian Defense Force relationship,” said Chapin. “Improving fuel access with the Australian Defense Force will not only maximize interoperability, but significantly improve maritime security cooperation by extending operational range and reducing dependency on dislocated commercial-grade fuel supplies in the Asia-Pacific [region]. This is a game-changer for both Australian and U.S. forces, from the Coral Sea all the way to the South China Sea.”

Examples of the growing DLA Energy fuel relationship include Into-Plane locations in Cairns, Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra International Airports and fuel bunkers in Brisbane.

“One of the steps in the continuing evolution of the Defense Fuel Supply chain is that Australia can now transact fuel exchanges in financial systems of record,” Chapin said. “This opens the door for a new Fuel Exchange Agreement with the U.S., an innovation and exciting opportunity to broaden partnership across these issues.”

The next stop on the general’s visit to the Pacific region was to the ’Land of the Rising Sun.’ – Japan.

Defense Logistics Agency Energy Pacific at Japan Commander Air Force Lt. Col. Kevin Campbell welcomed Chapin when he visited Oct. 27-29.

Chapin was accompanied by DLA Pacific Commander Navy Capt. Timothy Daniels on his visit that included senior leader engagements with the United States Forces Japan/J4 and tours of Defense Fuel Support Points at Tsurumi and Hakozaki.

DFSP Tsurumi and DFSP Hakozaki are two of nine DFSPs operated by Naval Supply Fleet Logistics Center Yokosuka.

“Having the opportunity for engagement with DLA Energy senior leadership brings continued focus and vision to the organization’s efforts in supporting our customers,” said DLA Energy Pacific at Japan Commander Air Force Lt. Col. Kevin Campbell.

Chapin kicked off the visit with a town hall discussion and awards ceremony with the DLA Energy Japan staff. Chapin recognized DLA Energy Pacific at Japan employees Customer Account Specialist Gerry Magallanes, and Supply Requirements and Distribution Clerk Yumiko Sasaki during the town hall for their hard work and achievements.

Chapin toured the fuel facilities onboard Defense Fuel Support Point Hakozaki on the island of Azuma, located within Tokyo Bay. There, more than 80 years ago, the Imperial Japanese Navy dug out a mountain and built massive fuel tanks within it. Today those tanks provide the storage capability to fuel the U.S. Navy's forward deployed fleet presence.

DLA Energy Pacific at Japan recently completed an $8 million DLA military construction project at DFSP Hakozaki that provides a robust fuel pumping capability. According to NAVSUP FLT LC Yokosuka, DFSP Hakozaki holds 29 fuel tanks, ranging in capacity from 3,000 to 300,000 barrels. The entire operation puts out an average annual throughput of 116 million gallons per year.